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September 25th, 2011

Bethany Ranes is the newest consultant to hit the Sacramento nonprofit sector, and she is willing and determined to assist North Valley organizations in meeting their goals through strategic planning, program evaluation, organizational and fund development research, and grant writing. Bethany has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Fresno, as well as a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology, with an emphasis on Public Policy and Law, from Alliant University.

Bethany Ranes - LU & Associates

Before working as a nonprofit consultant, she played a large role in the program development for the Fresno Mayor’s Gang Prevention Initiative, and also served as the program’s lead case manager for two years. Her work as an evaluator for the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus’ Behavioral Health Program led to program cost reductions of over 75%, significantly increased juvenile offender treatment rates, and kept the program running during extensive budget cuts. Outside of law enforcement, Bethany has a strong background in higher education advising for rural high school students. She has worked as a college admissions advisor for Kerman High School, and has taught SAT and GRE preparation math and English courses at a number of Fresno County high schools, including the prestigious University High School. Since moving to Sacramento, Bethany has volunteered as an organizational researcher for the Sacramento Arts and Business Council, and has been assisting with the planning and development of the City of Sacramento’s Gang Prevention Initiative. As an avid art enthusiast and former musical performer, Bethany is also extremely excited to collaborate with the artists and organizations that make up Sacramento’s strong cultural and artistic community.

Bethany represents Lu and Associates, a nonprofit consulting firm with over 45 years of combined experience assisting organizations with the services necessary to achieve their missions. She has been a consultant with LUA since 2008, where she has assisted with federal, state, county, foundational and corporate grant proposals, in addition to overseeing numerous program evaluation and development projects. She recently stepped up as the firm’s Northern California Regional Manager, and is overseeing LUA’s expansion from Los Angeles to Sacramento. She and her team are very excited to have an opportunity to bring their unique consultation model to the Capital. Utilizing a team of specialized consultants, each demonstrating a strong passion for community enhancement paired with high levels of professional training and standards, LUA is able to offer the highest possible quality of services to those who need them most. Offering services ranging from marketing and web design to program development and evaluation, the LUA team provides clients with the knowledge and support they need to run effective and efficient service programs.

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