self-expression: a valuable business asset?

February 3rd, 2012

by Lori Anderson

With lightning-bright sparks of creative brilliance, Tara Gentile’s business advice touches a chord in my spirit time and time again. In a recent issue of Leading Possibilities, I profiled Tara and her unique, soul-centered approach to guiding creative entrepreneurs toward success. This week she shares the importance of self-expression in business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a well-known enterprise, authenticity is the new business imperative.

As our society evolves, consumers are choosing to support businesses of conscience. Tara shares “There is opportunity for commerce in the very roots of our creative spirits.” As a creative entrepreneur, this shift resonates profoundly, reminding me that my work can be valued, and yes – even profitable, in new ways I have yet to imagine. “Being extraordinary means discovering self-expression in everything you do,” Tara says.

If you’re a like-minded spirit who is exploring the new world of soul-centered profitability, read Tara’s latest article and share your thoughts. How has your career path been affected by recent shifts in your consciousness?

What insights can you share?

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  • TK

    Every time I think about the journeys we take to become who we are intended to be, I am reminded of my colleagues and friends, like you Lori, who somehow seem to be the edge of the envelope thinkers and doers – profit meets being. What a concept!