Enlightenment: It’s About Time

March 5th, 2012

From Chris’ desk…

It’s 4:20 in the morning and here I sit, alone in the dark of my home office, the only light — that of the glowing keys from my laptop and the burning screen before me illuminating my hands and fingers as they type these words. For my own enlightenment seldom comes at hours of noon, dusk or early evening when most work is done. No, mine steeps in the shadows of my mind awaiting all other things be put to rest, put aside, that it may rise unhindered, therefore embracing my full attention, as it has now.

Having been awake all of ten minutes my mind whirls with ideas, theories, philosophical musings and the occasional whimsy of “what the @#$% are you doing Frost, go to bed!” But alas, this is my time, and I have come to recognize it as so, often capturing my clearest thoughts as the usual distractions which arrive with the sun are put to bed around me; neighbors mowers, kids cat-calling in the streets, and my two little buddies Moco and Rotz, the 11 and 7 pound 4-legged terrors of our house, chasing me or my girlfriend all around in search of treats, play or good ole’ fashioned mischief.

In this magazine we have discussed a number of ways we go about finding the answers to our quandaries through music, literature, spirituality, and more – through the negative behaviors like unconscious escapism or drugs and alcohol. But we haven’t touched on what is equally important to the how – the “preparation.” It isn’t enough to desire and be willing to seek the answers to your issues – one must be prepared for the journey.

Time to reflect....

And herein we ponder – when is “your” time? Does it exist? And if so, do you recognize it as such? For the fifteen minutes you hide in the bathroom, catching up on “Bejeweled” or “Angry Birds” via your IPhone or other device before stepping forth to again tackle the responsibilities of home and the world around you doesn’t count. We all need to put time aside, not stop it. Just as one puts time aside to learn a new tune, how to throw a curveball, or better your odds at the poker table, so too must we set aside our own time for us, for the betterment of us; for if not us, then who, and if not now – then when?

Take the time, make a plan and find your space and your time. Even if it is only 15 minutes a day, it’s better than nothing, and may even be enough. Some of us find what we seek more readily than others, and some of us just need a little time to ourselves that we can digest the day, gather our thoughts and carry on. By making some time for yourself I assure you, all things will improve with clearer thought, a lighter mind and easier breath. Even Superman needed “The Fortress of Solitude”.

What makes you think you’re any different? Tell us how your story…

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