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April 12th, 2012

Andrew Ashford, PhotographerMeet Andrew Ashford, our new photography intern, who is creating a deep portfolio of unique images for The Possibility Place, taken on his iPhone, rendered on Instagram, our experiment in using the newest technology as efficiently and creatively as possible. Here below, in his own words, is Andrew Ashford, student at a local community college (Sac City), and a seriously talented photog with an eye for the unusual.

Andrew Ashford
I’m Andrew Ashford. I was born August 11, 1989 in San Francisco and raised in Sacramento.  Right after high school I joined a band as lead singer and toured parts of the U.S.  I had my fun and got to experience many different opportunities, but later on I decided that school was more important for my future and my true passion was photography.  

by Andrew Ashford, T2PS All Rights Reserved, 2012

I’ve been attending Sacramento City College working towards my AA degree in Photography and plan to join the Navy as a Mass Communications specialist operating with photography.  I love shooting all types of photos from band promos to portraits to abstract manipulative imagery. I’m always trying to learn new things about creating an image or just more knowledge about photography all together, the endless capability’s keep me hooked so I put all my work on a social networking site called Instagram where you can hopefully enjoy all my work as much as I do. I also enjoy writing music on my guitar/drums at my studio and sports such as bmx, football, and basketball.

by Andrew Ashford, T2PS All Rights Reserved, 2012.

Naturally I’m pretty good at them being 6’6ft. I’d love to travel the world someday as a freelancer and create a clothing line based on the photography I take along with a positive message that people can relate to.

Find him on Instagram: Andrewski_

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