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April 23rd, 2012

Photo by Andrew Ashford, LP Magazine/T2PS. All Rights Reserved.

This Week’s Possibilities…Sex Wars, Spiritual Exploration, Zipless Fornication, Markers in Life, and A Sneak Pique at Terri Nunn of Berlin

Trends: War Between The Sexes: Annihilation of Detente? by Tracy Saville

Does God Trump Spirituality…?

Markers: The Ones We Make & Ignore, by Brian Silverthorn

Zipless Fornication: Featured Podcast f the Week (Powder Keg of Awesome) 

Terri Nunn of Berlin Takes Your Breath Away


Next Week - Green Electrons Without Borders, by Tracy Saville. We begin our series on green energy – why we need more and may not get it. Meet Kari Shipman: Changing the World One Local Designer at a Time. From Berlin to Bryski: An In-Depth Profile on Terri Nunn of the band Berlin and their resurgence. Enlightenment Installment: Chris Frost. New Book Review: Kathryn Mattingly. Conscious Business, by Lori Anderson. A conversation with expert organizational consultant and conscious profit pioneer Jackie Barretta. How A Conscious Enterprise Was Born, by Brad Swift. Founder of the Life on Purpose Institute gives us his start-up story.

The Last Few Weeks You May Have Missed: Resistance, by Jackie Dotson. Resident business therapist Jackie Dotson gives us the answer for fighting past the walls of resistance to change. Becoming a High-Performance Entrepreneur, by Rich Pirrotta. Wharton-fueled leadership expert and regular contributor Pirrotta offers 3 unique, tested tips to high performance as a builder and starter-upper of all things. Dream Runner: A Conversation w/Author Sensation Jeremy Trimble. Join Kathryn Mattingly as she talks pen names, classroom bugaboos, why fantasy writing for the young adult market is exploding, and the Poisoned Star. Preparation: Duh, a great take on the readiness of prepared mastery by Christopher Karne Frost. And a special eulogy: On Family: The Esther In All Of UsWe send our deepest gratitude for all the Esther Qualley’s of the world who teach us so much, if only we would listen. Godspeed, girlfriend. We hope they serve chocolate pudding in Heaven and that you get to eat all the Little Debbie’s you want.

Plus we did… ...Family Values, by Lori Anderson. A perspective on respecting and supporting the values of another. Zanzibar, by Susan Bainbridge. Our first step into the Eastern Hemisphere, exploring what connects us across lands and experiencing exotic places of wonder and beauty. The Stein Collection, by Kathryn Mattingly. A ghost story, a love story, a story of discovery. Short fiction you don’t want to miss.

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