Chris Frost Goes Prime Time

May 22nd, 2012

Watch Chris Frost go from average to awesome as he takes on boxing workouts and gets down to business. For the past several months we have concentrated on getting our heads right by living well through recognizing our faults, shortcomings and issues that plague our peace of mind. But now it’s time to flip it around and tackle the body head on, as one of our own commits to a serious physical challenge.

Chris Frost Before Boxing Transformation

Here are his before pictures…which we know makes him wince a little, what with the evidence of a fondness for maybe more beer than is good for the belly.

So with synapses firing on all cylinders upstairs, we now get down to the basics and start tackling everything from the neck down. In the coming weeks watch Chris Frost, our feature writer, embark on an extreme fitness adventure with Prime Time Boxing. He’ll be writing, we’ll be video-taping and taking pics to document his transformation.

Chris Frost Before of LeadingPossibilities Magazine

All we can say is: Go Chris. We’re glad it’s you who took the first hardcore leap. We’re right behind you!

The Editorial Team

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  • Kristie

    Go Chris go! You can do it! We are all rootin’ for ya!

  • Michele S

    You rock Frost…make it happen dude…you can do it!

  • Brandon

    Incredible Courage..Can’t wait to see the afters. You Can Do It!