Filmmaker Finds Success on Web

May 22nd, 2012

Creative Gallery LP Magazine – Meet award-winning filmmaker Rick Gott– creator, writer, and director of the web series TV show Dark Pool. “Pray for the dead, but fight like hell for the living.” These words resonated through me as Rick and I discussed the origins and undercurrents of his Webisode film-venture Dark Pool. A journey Jim Krall (played by Jason Kuykendall) is unwittingly thrust into where the sane don’t always walk a straight line, and the nonsensical whispers of the stranger in the night may hold the answers to what you seek.”….

Creator, writer, director Rick Gott – Dark Pool, the TV Series

To read the full article Dark Pool by Christopher Karne Frost in PDF format as it appeared in the Spring 2012 Entrepreneurial Issue of LeadingPossibilities Magazine, or here Dark Pool by Rick Gott online in the original post.

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