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June 13th, 2012

Terri Nunn of Berlin

LPTrendsPeople – Terri Nunn of Berlin: LPMag was fortunate to be able to cover from backstage a great rock and roll show experience that transcended the average rock adventure, both for the performance quality and because Terri Nunn of Berlin is the embodiment of living with intention, into your purpose, and to her greatest potential.


Story and Photos by Christopher Karne Frost/LP Magazine 2012

Terri Nunn w/Writer& Photog Chris Frost, LPMag 2012

A petite blonde approached me backstage at Thunder Valley Casino, in Lincoln, CA, smiling all sass, sporting red heels any of the women in attendance would have killed for I am sure. It was none other than Terri Nunn of Berlin, the iconic songstress who fronted the memorable 80’s band whose love anthem Tom Cruise swooned to as he romanced his flight instructor in the film Top Gun. Here she was, an iconic dream girl of many young men’s favored memories, with her nuclear-powered smile for the camera and determined gait for the stage.

Singer, Songwriter Larisa Bryski

She and Larisa Bryski, an equally rocking and iconic regional music artist in Northern California, who opened the show, shared a hello and hug before she was on her way, band at the ready, as if they materialized from 1982.

Berlin has been labeled one of the original New Wave Bands, but I simply label them stellar. And Terri hasn’t missed a step over the years, looking better than ever. Her stage presence rang to the rafters, reverberating from the walls with many an adoring eye tracing her sinfully seductive lines while swaying to her sultry sounds.

Now a mother of three, two sons and a daughter, happily married and co-hosting “Between the Sheets“, a popular podcast on webcast media station Hottalkla.com and scheduled to debut her KCSN-FM radio show in 2012, Terri is a very busy girl. Getting to cover her Norcal show so intimately, I fell in music love all over again.

Berlin and Terri Nunn first came to us in 1978, and though the original band members John Crawford (bass guitar), David Diamond (keyboards), Ric Olsen (guitar), Matt Reid (keyboards) and Rod Learned (drums) and later Rob Brill (drums) have all moved on – Terri is still going strong.


She has composed a new band including Chris Olivas (drums) Carlton Bost (guitars) and Dave Schulz (keyboards) and is working on a new album, featuring new original music to be shared while on the road traveling the country to their fans’ delight, and paying tribute to guitarist Carlton Bost’s mother who recently passed away.

From the first guitar riff, Terri teased us with “No More Words,” “The Metro,” and of course the 1986 hit single from Top Gun “Take my Breath Away” – and boy did she.

My boss, Tracy Saville, would later testify that evening with a wink “Many a young lady lost their virginity to that song.” Yeah, I bet they did, just as certainly as I recall me and my buddies doing our best Kilmer or Cruise imitation at the beach trying to attract bikini clad hotties for mischievous fun. Those were the days alright. And thankfully, not too many people named their kids Maverick, Goose or Snowman in honor of this triptifying moment, though perhaps “Terri” would have been perfectly acceptable.

Terri didn’t tease too long before gracefully dropping from the stage, setting security on their toes as she worked her way through the crowd all the way to the back of the house, immersing herself in her fans where she sang, swaying as waves came to her calls. I caught some amazing, transcendent shots here, with the lights glowing about her and fans wavering all around – surreal it was.

As Berlin wrapped up I followed them backstage and was graced with taking “The Sweaty Pics” which we aptly named with Terri laughingly stating these are often her favorites. Yep, the after show images of the band in all its glory, and I tell you, they were all abuzz, still riding the high of the show, the high of the night with much thanks to the many on hand who helped make it so.

What a great night, with good times had by all; security, stage support, band, revelers and me, shooting away as though my life depended on it. Pretty cool what one can accomplish with a well-tempered memory box in hand.

Check out the shots and see for yourself, we’ve set up a few for you here to see.

Thanks, Terri. Looking forward to the next show we are, yes indeed.

For more information about Berlin’s next shows: http://www.berlinpage.com/

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  • http://Facebook Gina Whitmarsh

    I enjoyed reading!! I have been following Terri since the first concert I saw last year. Saw her again in April and have been hooked ever since!!! Wish I could be at every one of her concerts. You made me jealous by looking at your photos!!

    • http://www.t2ps.com TK

      Thanks so much for your post! Hope you subscribed to get our good stuff and give us some good stuff of your own…we love creative voices like yours!

    • http://PossibilityPlace Chris

      Thanks Gina, glad you enjoyed the shots and article. Maybe we will catch you at a show in the future

  • http://email Effie

    Great article, Chris!!! Through your words, felt like I was there enjoying this talented band!! Wish I had been there!! Keep up your incredible writing!! So proud!! Great pictures, too!!

    • http://www.t2ps.com TK

      Effie thanks so much for your post!

    • http://PossibilityPlace Chris

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, both Larissa and Terri put on a great show!

  • Amanda

    Great article! Here is a fun factoid :) Chris Olivas is the longest standing member of Berlin besides Terri herself. He has been with her going on 12 years now and skilled in a variety of different drumming styles, and he is also the musical director/programmer for her radio show “Unbound With Terri Nunn” on every Saturday night from 6-8pm on KCSN 88.5FM. Thanks for writing this great piece!

    • http://www.t2ps.com TK

      Amanda! Thank you for that share! We are big fans – obviously – and our readers appreciate the extra bit of depth you offered with the unbound show history and Chris Olivas facts! We appreciate you – the publishing staff!

    • http://PossibilityPlace Chris

      Thanks for the update Amanda, I will be in touch soon regarding Chris. Glad you enjoyed the shots, had a blast taking them

  • Lori

    Great article and great pictures!! I’m sorry I missed the show, but your article took me there and I feel I got to enjoy it vicariously through your wonderful words!

    • http://PossibilityPlace Chris

      thank you thank you, it was fun, hope you can make the next one ; )

  • Erin B

    Very cool Chris! Jealous I couldn’t be there! Sounds fun! Great article.

    • http://www.t2ps.com TK

      Erin – Thanks so much for the post! Who is your “other” favorite from Berlin’s genre or decade of great tunes? 80′s, new wave….?

    • http://PossibilityPlace Chris

      Yep, you would have loved the show Erin, right up your alley