Shift Happens. Then What?

June 13th, 2012

LPTrendsMind: Major life shifts, like excrement we find at our feet, happens more often than we’d like, both the literal and the metaphorical kind. LPMag explores what happens when shift happens through the practical and unique insights of resident “shift” expert Lori Anderson.

Just when you think you’re in the groove and you’ve got life figured out, something shifts and – BOING!!! – things just don’t work the same anymore. How do you handle it? After you express your inner 2-year-old by throwing a whopper of temper tantrum (when no one’s looking, of course), how do you shift your focus, your priorities, your lifestyle to incorporate changed circumstances? Do you have a support system, a toolkit, and the other resources you need to get your groove back?

Moms, you know what I’m talking about – summer vacation just started. All of a sudden we must don our Manager of Parks and Recreation hat, while keeping our Domestic CEO, Chief Bus Driver and Employee Extraordinaire hats on too! The shift happens literally overnight, usually when we’re least ready for it, often rendering us dizzy and in need of a new routine for balance.

Now, you don’t have to be a mom to feel the discomfort when shift happens. Dads, single folks, kids are not exempt from feeling the effects of a new job, a divorce, a marriage or new relationship, a move. In our gut, we know that ‘the only constant is change’ and this knowledge can make regaining equilibrium easier but it’s not enough, so we struggle through the shift, re-jiggering our lives until we achieve a new shade of ‘normal.’ For now. Until the next shift.

My recent series of shifts has arrived bearing gifts, including self-reflection and unique and new responses, and fleeting, but much needed moments of presence. After I’ve hit the wall and had an excruciating bout of analysis paralysis, I get present with the stress and fear, and dig around my heart in search of that tiny resolute feeling that will pull me through to a new perspective and hopefully a solution – at least for today.

A wise friend often reminds me that no matter what I decide, I can always change my mind, because it’s not forever. I’ve also learned that being very present to my child (or even my feline friend) for just the right amount of time can snap me into a place of gratitude for my life, the shifts and the tenacity to muddle through, sometimes quite elegantly, others not so much, but always in my own unique way.

One of my favorite sites for self-reflection and new perspectives is

How do you cope when shift happens?

Article by Lori Anderson

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