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August 16th, 2012

LPTrendsYourPen: Want to write for us? Want to share what you write elsewhere with our readers at LeadingPossibilities Magazine?

Us=looking to connect readers with irreverent, relevant, smart, awake voices riffing on subjects and with views of the world they won’t typically find anywhere else.

You=tired of not being abe to say what you want to say or write with wild abandon.

Those interested in writing or contributing should visit www.t2ps.com/publishing and make a direct inquiry at info@t2ps.com. We are always looking for regular contributors and extraordinary human beings to profile. And visit here for our editorial ideas list. 

SUBMIT YOUR STORY: Human stories – those by average every day people about living more powerful lives or exploring consciousness and mastery in life and business can submit directly at: http://t2ps.com/thepossibilityplace/index.php/submit-my-story-info.

LeadingPossibilities Magazine (LP Magazine)



Winter 2011 – Risk: LeadingPossibilities Magazine

Full Special Edition – Online 3 x Per Year http://t2ps.com/thepossibilityplace/

Collection of best stories from weekly issues, and special new features on people, places, and ideas that deserve a special place in the lexicon of our issue as designed. These are top leading possibilities.

  • February 15th
  • August 15th (2012 will run late September)
  • November 15th – Special Extreme Editions

The Possibility Place Weekly – LPNet

Tuesdays and Thursdays (sometime also when we just have to tell you something) - morning feeds of latest and greatest.

Trending smart, effective people, relevant news, consciously bright ideas, real thought leaders, and innovative, truthful goo.

We trend and feature stories and articles weekly from across the globe, topics often focused on body, mind, spirit, purpose, family, and career – all about mastery, consciousness, and smart, cool, irreverent, independent content for thinking people in expansion mode you won’t find anywhere else. Music, books & authors, podcasts, thought leaderly faire, leading edge ideas and experiences, management and leadership, vids worth seeing, and more.

Come on, show us your words!

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