Relevant Relevance: Get Down To It

August 21st, 2012

LPTrends: Relevant Relevance. What matters matters.

Conscious Sight by Tim Saville.

The ironic truth about human experience is this: black or white, good or bad, depressed or expanding – red or blue and sick and tired of being sick and tired – we understand extremes. We seem to innately understand why things have full spectrum opposite states of being, and that extreme everything is to be expected. Hair on fire is the new normal.

Ask a Bosnian refugee, or a Syrian mother who has lost her only son in a fire fight in her own neighborhood, or a child selling bath salts to a college student to survive, and they’ll say: “Yeah, we understand extremes, but whatever happened to reciprocity?”

You know that old school rule that says give as good as you get, or get what you deserve? 

Consider perhaps that you do get what you deserve. The relevance of that is that everything is connected. Everything you do or don’t do, say or don’t say not only matters, but is the reciprocal of some correlating truth.

If you look around lately, like in the halls of Bloomberg West, and you note the market is deciding it doesn’t much care for tech start-up greed, perhaps a sign that says if you build something, it ought to actually be what you promised and not all about you. (Read about news on tech start up bubble). And from

Or consider your very own life. What reciprocal strings are dangling out there that you can’t see, that are tied to extreme intentions you perhaps might not want?

This week’s big idea is simple: when it rains, it should pour, but sometimes it doesn’t, and we all have to account for that. Even the most irrelevant things can turn out to be very relevant.

When we do nothing, something will still happen, just not the something we could have promoted. Carbon use? Check. Innovation used for profit-only scheming? Check. Education un-reform? Check.

Kids turning out badly, companies turning out to be investor-centric boondoggles, gluttonous economic disasters and the end of our farm culture? Accountable. Accountable. Accountable.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains. Even Bull Durham’s Crash Davis knew that.

Sound advice suggests sharpen your relevance meter, stop complaining about things you haven’t even tried to fix, be good when others are bad, and carry a flashlight in the dark. Love those who have earned your trust. Pick up others when they’re down.

Do only what you decide to do from a place of mutual reciprocity, knowing the extreme is always just around the bend, because someday you will need a leg up.

And for Heaven’s sake, respect each other and the rain.

Rainbows come from rain. Relevant relevance. It matters.


Article by Tracy Saville.

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