Bo Knows Open Skies & Presencing

August 27th, 2012

LPTrendsMindGoo: Leo Babauta, a sharer of all things Zen, yesterday reminded me of Bo Jackson, the iconic athlete, who Mark Alexander of Wiles Magazine called the “Greatest Multi-Athlete of All Time.”

And Leo reminded me of presencing, plus the ability to judge less, accept more; let go of goals, and recognize automatic self-defense mechanisms; to be like the sky-be empty, and willing to accept things as they are, wide open, not attached to your fears, not attached to control, hands open. Bo Jackson understood open hands, being present, and letting go better than anyone.

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Bo Jackson, former baseball and football player, the infamous Heisman Trophy winner (1985) who played running back for the Los Angeles Raiders and in baseball played left field and designated hitter for the Kansa City Royals, the Chicago White Sox, and the California Angels. Bo knew something the rest of mostly did not.

Bo knew what it truly meant to be like the sky—what it is to be open to the possibilities that everything in sports was potentially possible. His career attitude led others to believe in that potential as well, like how lava flows over land, consuming everything in its path, the energy of openness quite literally creating a tsunami of possibility. Famous for igniting the Nike brand campaign “Bo Knows,” he was also famously injured in 1990 after unbelievable records of performance in baseball and football, ending his football career and threatening his baseball career. He reportedly popped his hip back in place while on the field, followed up by a discovery he had avascular necrosis and he had to have his hip replaced.Most believed he would never return to baseball, although his first return to bat was a homerun. Throughout his career his “firsts” and records were legendary proof that in being open, and not closed off to self-induced self-defense mechanisms–the stories we hold on to that keep us from seeing and experiencing so much–a person could achieve anything they wanted.

And this brought me to presencing.

I know, right?

The Many Colors of Being Open To Possibility

What the deuce is that?

Presencing refers to the ability to sense and bring into present one’s highest future potential. Along with it Theory U suggests that as we attend to a problem or situation, so will it unfold, giving us a new framework for practicing and ultimately creating the future we want.

Presencing (or the act of being present for you bottom line people) allows for co-initiating, co-sensing, co-inspiring, co-creating, and co-evolving and is one of those areas of work at the Presencing Institute “that seeks to facilitate profound innovation and change.” PI was founded in 2006 by a group representing all sectors of society—business, government, and civil society— who believe that the crises of our time require developing and advancing awareness-based social technologies – fancy talk for more of us being present more of the time.

Why do you care? 

Firstly, you care because it’s all about how do you experience life the way Bo Jackson did? How we are able to come to know what we know, practice what we want, develop abilities that evolve us into super-athletes or just more masterful people working in the world to do better every day–this is a byproduct of mashing up advanced ideas with very relevant, right now practicals. Finding the amazing right under our noses.

So, there you go. Mashed ideas. Bo Jackson, Zen openness, and unbelievably courageous people taking on what once seemed like out there ideals, with the cajones to call it presencing and the genius to get away with it because it seems to be working.

How cool is that.

Article by Tracy Saville

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