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August 29th, 2012

Art originally shared by Jessica Kristie, Author and Publisher.

LPTrendsHotPoeticVoices. Tennison Long and Philip Larrea. We know some are not into poetry. But this poetry will change your mind. And in the spirit of bringing even those anti-poet lovers great poetry, please find four to warm up your prose juices for next week, one a bit erotic and the other gentle lovelies, for when we let loose the poetic genius of a group of poets who gathered this past Spring to try and make a poem every day.

For now, may we present Interlude, Commitment, Emily’s Garden, and Locke’s Box.






at the interlude

I walk alone

I want to sing along

to this aching heart

beating to the rhythm of your soul…

my affection you stole

each night a little

leaving me worse off

no mercy for the brittle

your love rains

down on me

so hard it feels like a monsoon too soon

for the Spanish armada delivery

of gold in the form of your smile

the loot brought to the king…

that I see through the rays

of the light of today

the treasure map of your backside wanting

me as much as I want you

your silhouette as god’s canvas

you slowly slipped from my grasp

be free my dear, at last

from the edge of this man of faith’s leap

I beckon from within me from the well as deep

the clouds between us split

the sun-ray lightshow lets

us know where we are

while lost inside these corridors

these windowless rooms with too many doors…

you’ve intrigued me beyond whispering angels

frozen my tracks with the softness of your breath

our love makes clocks stop ticking

our kisses build castles from the sand

your scent is all the perfumes of Eden

your skin glistens like captured moonlight

transforming rainbows into seasons past

each moment with you is a mythic journey

above the silver lining and just below heaven

taking us so high with the magic of your presence

and the sparkle in your eyes

you, my goddess of love and beauty

enchanting beyond enchantment

my most divine as radiant as morning sunshine…



by Phillip Larrea


My hat says,

“Marry me.”


With this band

I am bound

To hat hair.

Slightly frayed

Worse for wear,

Still- I do.




I once supposed I was a speck

In God’s cumbersome plan.

Too small for me.

Emily, for the sin of pride,

I beg your pardon.

We are, in fact, each a

Secret plot, with grubby worms,

Hidden roots. Why deny it?

Enough with the digging,

Can we just sit for awhile?

There are those this could never satisfy.

Who’s every ‘what’ must have a ‘why’.

They’ll want to know how we are occupied.

“Why, an earth salute to the blue, blue sky!”




I plan on

Being dead.

Just prudent.

Money burns,

So I keep

My good stuff

In Locke’s box.

Not worth much,

But sturdy.


*Tennison Long is an entrepreneur, writer, and lover of erotic form.

Phillip Larrea is a syndicated columnist and wealth adviser in Sacramento, CA., U.S.A
His poems have recently appeared internationally in Outburst Magazine, The Poetry Bus Magazine and thefirstcut #7 from Issuu.. In the U.S., Phillip has been recently published in Decade Review, FourPlay, Nostrovia To Writing, and the Brooklyn Voice. Both do great work.


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  • Phillip Larrea

    Thanks for giving these pieces such a lovely home, Tracy

  • TracyKaye

    Shawn! Thank you for reading and visiting The Possibility Place! Poetry is our bones, because narrative exists most stunningly in prose – our own stories, our human truths – these are best shared within the edges of poetic form. We welcome and would love submissions from any poet, any where, any time, and always looking to feature or showcase shows, poet performances, slam, talk performances, and anything that uses words poetically to good ends. Perhaps we should stream that calendar for our readers? Let’s talk ways we can help each spread the good word…
    You rock.

  • Shawn Aveningo

    Poetry! Today poetry is for everyone. It’s meant to tell a
    story, paint a picture, evoke emotion, make you think, enrage you,
    involve you, and most of all — move you. It’s all these things and
    Thanks to The Possibility Place for being a positive voice for this art form. There are many talented poets in the Sacramento Area sharing their brilliant words of all genres — romance, slam, humor, political, erotic, traditional, etc. I invite your subscribers to check out some the local talent any night of the week. There’s a pretty comprehensive calendar at It’s funny, almost every time I perform or host a show, someone will comment “I didn’t really think I liked poetry, but I really enjoyed tonight’s show”. So go ahead, get out there and try something new!
    And if you enjoyed Phillip’s poems above, he will be featuring at Verse on the Vine at The Wine Gallery in Folsom on Nov 14 (

    Shawn Aveningo
    Poet, Author, Performer, Host
    The Poetry Box

    • TracyKaye

      ps….verseonthevine…now we’re talking. I’ll be there.

  • Lori Anderson

    Stunning. Thank you.