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Gratitude: The New “New” In Thing

LPTrendsNothingClicheToday. Thanksgiving. Yes. In fact a globally celebrated ritual. But ritual gratitude is like breathing only sometimes: folly is sure to befall those who hold their breaths or their gratefulness for special occasions.

It’s just silly. Really.

I’d like to suggest we remember that excrement happens we don’t see coming ALL THE TIME. We might consider how much profit there is in radical gratefulness. Check your six and note the reasons why we might want to work on that. Israel and the Gaza Strip, Staten Island, New Orleans, Haiti, Japan, Thailand, Somalia…the list is long for stories of tragedy that strikes down even the most Pollyanna among us.

Equally long, however, is the list of glorious revelations and solutions we not only see coming; we make happen on the horizon out of our sheer will to change what we realize isn’t so awesome. Like the polio cure, biomass energy, food skyscraper farms over oceans, the Internet, you get the idea.

I and my team at Possibility Media Group won’t bore you with the obvious “be grateful” schtick this holiday season. What I really want to say, as if I just didn’t find cancer on my face, or visit a friend who has it and lost her breast for the second time, or turn on the news to people killing each other over religion and land in faraway places, is this:

  • Every minute you don’t spend in gratitude, or working towards it, is another moment you pissed away chasing stuff that just doesn’t matter. Stop being angry and afraid.
  • Gratitude as a state of being requires conscious intention to forgive as a way of life, and helps clear the path to how to manage your anger, cure your resentment and your poor communications skills, and generally all the crappy human relationship abilities you need to get around to fixing.
  • Finally, gratitude is like a virus. It is contagious, air and skin born, and it can consume entire populations of human beings at one time. Just ask your neighbor what it is they are truly grateful for, if they were really honest and held back no punch. Or the survivors of 9/11, or Sandy, or Hitler. We ought not wait until it’s almost too late to wield the power of gratitude.

Be relentlessly militant about what matters. Because it matters, and maybe we can start a new thing, a new trending trend. It could happen.

What outrageous thing did you find gratitude for recently? Share your story. 

Commentary by Tracy Saville.

Coming Jan 1, 2013.





PS..a freebie.  You readers out there may know Phillip Roth, infamous writer of works like Rabbit Run, a prolific scribe who informed our literary roots, was covered by nytimes.com recently on November 17th and gave great interview about his brave new un-writing life at 80. Check it out.

How Are You Spending Yourself?

LPTrendsPods – How Are You Spending Yourself?

Accidental Creative Podcasts with Todd Henry

Todd Henry is the founder of Accidental Creative, the author of The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice, and an in-demand speaker and consultant. Henry’s Accidental Creative Podcasts are a regular dose of high potency creativity and productivity tips meant to inspire your very best work in the world.

This particular pod, How Are You Spending Yourself, invites us to ponder: “When you spend your time, focus, and energy you spend your very self. Have you considered what is worth spending yourself on today?” Henry shares the near death experience that instilled his palpable desire to create value and meaning for others, and reminds us that this life, today, is our only shot at doing the same.

Listen and share your thoughts with us! What are you doing to create value and meaning for yourself and others? What do you want to do that you haven’t yet managed?

Radical Openness

Jason Silva


LPTrendsIdeas: Radical Openness. One our favorites Jason Silva has added some fresh video performances and conversations to his site Thisisjasonsilva.com. We shared with you his brilliant five minute video about the meaning and application of imagination a few months ago and are keeping tabs on his new mind goo for you. Oooh.

Ludites who rage against the machine, erudite brainiacs who live in philosophy as their main source of energy, and even average every day Joe’s and Josephines get something extraordinary from Jason Silva. He is, according to The Atlantic “A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age,” and he is a television personality, media artist, filmmaker and techno-philosopher , who has also been described as “part Timothy Leary, part Ray Kurzweil, and part Neo from ‘The Matrix.’…

In his homepage of his website it reads:

“The adjacent possible is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself.”
- Steven Johnson

Get to know Jason and explore The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck and Radical Openness, because it will change you if you do.

Women, Food & Yoga – Strides Toward Mindfulness

LPTrendsBody Women, Food & Yoga Part 5. A series by resident site editor Lori Anderson – her extreme journey documented in body and soul transformation.

A fresh installment in our ongoing series in which our editor Lori Anderson works to create a healthier relationship with food and her body under the guidance of coach and psychotherapist Dr. Melissa Grabau. We’ll be sharing perspectives of both the coach and the coached, hopeful that we’ll inspire you to make positive changes, too. Read on for insights that might resonate and illuminating food for thought along the path to your own personal exploration.

Melissa’s Reflections & Tips – I sensed a new determination in Lori today during our coaching session. Although she continues to express a great deal of discouragement with her lack of external changes, a great deal is happening for her internally. Lori is learning to trust herself and is developing more confidence in her ability to decide what works for her and what doesn’t. I can almost visualize her taking things in, chewing on them a bit and then saying, “No thanks, I don’t really like that.” Or, conversely, “I like this. It’s good. I think I’ll have some more.”

When I followed up on her thoughts about joining Weight Watchers, which we had discussed during our last session, Lori stated that she decided it would only increase what she already experiences as a hyper-focus on food. I heard the clarity in her voice, bespeaking her developing confidence in her ability to assess her needs. Instead, she has decided to go on the 400 plan, which basically allows you three 400 calorie meals a day with some snacks. This appeals to Lori because it allows for some spontaneity and freedom.

After our last session she was also going to try taking several short walks a day rather than one long walk. This was at my suggestion as a way to increase her energy levels and counteract a creeping inertia. Lori also decided that this did not work for her and that she preferred doing her exercise in the morning, showering and being done. Again, this shows that Lori is trying on suggestions, seeing how they feel, and then making decision that works for her.

At the beginning of our current session, Lori expressed the wish/fantasy that someone would just come over to her home, open her cupboards, clean out the junk and then take her shopping for good, healthy food. A fresh start approved by a supposed “expert.” At the end of the session I asked her why she couldn’t do this herself. “I knew that you were going to say that,” she said with her characteristic impish grin. “And, yes, I can and will do that.” That is what I mean regarding a new found determination in her. Lori is beginning to feel into her own power and her own wisdom regarding what behaviors are giving her pain and what behaviors would be healing. She is beginning to outgrow the helplessness that she characteristically feels regarding her ability to take care of her health.

“You know,” Lori said to me, as we were discussing her bafflement about what to do with vegetables, “all of this is about habit.” Exactly! Habits regarding what you buy, how you cook it, what you eat and when and how you eat it. And, perhaps most importantly, habits around how you think about yourself and your body and your ability and right to treat your body in a gentle, respectful way. So, although Lori may be struggling with her habitual self criticism and judgment regarding her supposed lack of “progress,” she is progressing just fine on this journey of learning how to trust her intuition as she moves along a path of slow, progressive change.

Lori’s Turn – State of Mind(fulness) 
Melissa hit the nail on the head this week when she suggested that maybe I’ve finally smacked up against this food issue enough to feel empowered to make change happen. I’ve come to a place that’s new, and really nice I might add, where I’ve stopped beating myself up for “not knowing how” and I’ve stopped making excuses. I’m going to live the Nike mantra – “Just Do It!”
When change happens slowly, I get discouraged, especially since I so badly want to shed a few of these extra pounds that are so annoying. Melissa reminded me that I can choose to focus on how I feel inside rather than on the outside, and that really resonates for me. By removing the pressure to make physical progress, I’ve lightened up the black cloud that’s been shadowing my every thought.
Equally important to these insights is the tactical goo – the stuff that I can put to practice in my kitchen. I’ve already shared that I’m not terribly talented with cooking, so I enjoy any tips Melissa can share. One suggestion she made was that whatever I toss together, do it with love – love for myself, love for those I’m cooking for – I love the way that sounds, so I’ll definitely try it. We talked about experimenting with kale and other super foods that give so much more nutritional bang for my food dollars and time.
As I stand here, more than halfway through my work with Melissa, I’m feeling pretty darned good – stronger, food savvy, more confident. I know that I have tons more to learn but I’m excited to push through to a place where it all flows more freely without quite so much time and effort. And even more importantly, I’m looking forward to no longer needing to remind myself that my own health and well being is the best investment of my time and energy. As I inch my way toward these goals, I’m so very grateful to Melissa for sharing her wisdom with me so generously.
STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT! What steps are you taking toward awareness around food this week? How do you stay mindful? How do you make healthy changes in your behavior? Read the first four here: Installment 1: The Intro, Installment 2: First Week, Installment 3: Challenge Week 2, Installment 4: Challenge Week 3 (ADD LINK WHEN LIVE).

About Melissa
Melissa Grabeau became licensed as a psychologist in California in 2001 and has been in private practice since 2003.  She works with adults and couples presenting with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, eating disturbance, relationship issues and addiction.  

Recently, she has broadened her existential/humanistic background in Psychology to incorporate her long standing interest in yoga and Eastern Psychology. She became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2009 and is currently integrating mind-body techniques in her work with clients. For more about Melissa, visit her website.

About Lori
Never let it be said that a working mom who counts kids and family before everything else can’t be a social media maven or entrepreneur who makes good and knows her way around the Internet.

Lori we think has serious chops for this sort of thing and knows a good bite of extraordinary when she sees one. Anderson has been marketing businesses in the high-tech, medical device, media, and non-profit sectors for fifteen years when we found her. She pens and editorially manages for LP as well as Blogher.com.

Metaphysical Milkshake: Rainn Wilson Mixes It Up With Deepak Chopra

Rainn Wilson’s book – SoulPancake – complements his website of the same name.

LPTrendsSpiritComedic genius Rainn Wilson is best known for his role on NBC’s The Office but we’re smitten with his spiritual side.

A serious practitioner of the Baha’i Faith, and seriously curious about life’s big questions, Wilson and his partners envisioned creating a space where people from all walks of life could discuss and question what it means to be human—a place to wrestle with the spiritual, philosophical, and creative journey that is life.

SoulPancake is the culmination of this vision - “A brain batter of art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humor designed to open your mind, challenge your friends, and feel damn good.”

There’s so much to love about SoulPancake – from its audacious vision to its soul-searching real-time conversations – this editor has voraciously ingested heaping helpings of the site’s so very relevant content. Our favorite SoulPancake surprise, though, is the marvelous maple syrup that makes the site so very sticky and yummy for the soul… drumroll please… Metaphysical Milkshake!

Rainn Wilson takes his interviewing prowess on the road to interview some pretty stellar celebs in his 70′s era van, complete with gold satin padded walls, shag carpeting and a mirrored disco ball. Wacky tacky meets inspiration and life’s big questions answered by people with profound perspectives – Does it get any better? We think not!

Click the image for a hilarious vid where Rainn gets deep with Deepak Chopra (and then sits on him):

Rainn Wilson and Deepak Chopra on www.SoulPancake.com

Let us know what you think…we’re looking for great videos to profile. Got One?

Some Positive For A Change


LPTrendsMindPositively Positive – Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life

We like to think of ourselves as purveyors of positivity, but no one does it like the absolutely positive peeps at Positively Positive (can you say that 10 times really fast?).

This site is rich with videos, quotes, poetry, blog posts, community contributions and well known guest bloggers including Danielle LaPorte and Gretchen Rubin. Our editors’ number one go-to site for words of wisdom, inspiration and good vibes, the Positively Positive blog is a daily visual and verbal treat that’s sure to help you make lemonade on lemony days.

What positive “positive” have you shared lately?

This series curated by Lori Anderson, part of our new (and soon to be unveiled) elevated LPNetwork.

Amputees Rock: Life According to Josh Sundquist

LPTrendsPeople&News. Check out this great video we found. Caution: Irreverent self-deprecators will appreciate this story. All others…well, we’re just saying.

Josh Sundquist is an author, speaker, paralympian, simply ADORABLE all-around-renaissance-kinda-guy who just happens to have one leg. Josh also happens to write a quirky, in-your-face blog, with hilarious vids that provide glimpses of his life and philosophies tinged with a goofy concoction of sweetness, I’m-a-tough-jock-don’t-mess-with-me ruggedness, and an innate ability to motivate and inspire the best in his readers and more importantly fellow amputees.

One of our fave vids is below - Sundquist shares how complicated even the simplest things in life can be as an amputee, and yet he always prevails with candor,  tenacity and his very unique brand of humor. Click the image to enjoy:

So much more great stuff of inspiration can be found on Josh Sundquist’s site – his book, the kids whose lives he profoundly touches, and yep, more goofy vids. Prepare to be entertained, moved, and maybe even hooked!
Let us know what you think…we’re looking for great videos to profile. Got One?

Smart People, Beautiful Stuff, & Relevant Hacks

Dawna Jones


LPTrendsBestPicks: Smart People, Beautiful Stuff, & Relevant Hacks. Honing in every week on top picks of videos, blogs, and smart, gorgeous ideas and things. Meet Dawna Jones, Margarita Tartokovsky, and Marc and Angel Hack.

1)    Smart People Writing About Relevant Things: A new favorite blogger just getting her feet underneath her, Dawna Jones writes about our favorite Seth Godin, whose video found his way into her blog Evolutionary Provocateur in “Challenging the Status Quo-Finding a Better Way.

Writing My Heart Out, Margarita Tartokovsky

Dawna talks about Peter Senge and evolutionary change, neuroscience, and storytelling all in the same breath. Nice.

2)    Beautiful Stuff People Do: Margarita Tartokovsky Write Her Heart Out and in this installment, she tantalizes us with her collection of inspiring food images and thoughts – from articles on mental health to travel and design, we like the “writerly inspirations…and triumphs” this human being serves up.3)    Marc and Angel Hack Life: TEN LIFE LESSONS PEOPLE LEARN TOO LATE. Truth. Period. 10 things to really consider accepting before it’s too late.

Marc and Angel Hack

Meet Marc and Angel Hack, two real human beings doing really good things with words. They ask questions that make you think and say things you wish everyone would.

What was the greatest thing you read today?

We Want Your Professional Story

Andre the Giant. Obey.com. Here an artist took a street art career and turned it into a global brand. What are you up to?


LP Magazine is looking for innovating or different careers to profile.

If you’re doing anything at high speed, beyond the edge of the envelope, in ways that innovates, changes the game, inspires, leaves a wake, or is just plain awesome or quirky – tell us your story.

Submit that story here. 

Also – we are looking for a few good smartfunnybeautifulnakedpeople – yeah you want some of that, or at the very least need to find out what that’s all about. Find out about that here. 


TweetTap – Visualize What’s Sparking

#WayWire’s #TweetTap

LPTrendsVids - #TweetTap

Want to know what peeps are tweeting about today, every day? Check out #TweetTap for a fresh, snarky snapshot of the social media pulse. Whether it’s the election, entertainment, technology, sports, or anything else that’s on the mind of America, #WayWire produces #TweetTap to deliver quick soundbites on what’s sparking interest so you can stop spending hours sifting through your Twitter feed. And it’s fun to watch! We think #TweetTap is worth more than a peek – watch a few and let us know what you think.