Content Licensing User Agreement

T2PS & The Possibility Place Content Licensing User Agreement

The magazine and online learning community called “leadingpossibilities” and “The Possibility Place” (hereafter known collectively as T2 Distribution Platforms of T2 DPs, or Sites, interchangeably), which house intellectual property (Property or Content interchangeably) in the form of digital music, literary works of every form, photographs and personal information provided to T2 through interviews or electronically for the purposes of writing original article profiles, to include photographs, video footage, and/or images of art of every/any form, and is through this Agreement and upon submission licensed to T2 to digitally promote, distribute, and publish/sometimes sell commercially if such written commercial sale agreements are executed outside the scope of this Agreement, to users of the Sites. This Content Licensing User Agreement (CLA) sets forth the terms and conditions for the Property or Properties submitted to the Sites, including the image of Licensor, and does not cover publishing agreements with individual Licensors or writers/creators where financial terms and limited use provisions may apply.

Distribution of Property. Distribution Platform Property, in whole or in part, including a weekly newsletter, is distributed weekly, daily, monthly, annually to registered readers through memberships, list serves, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites or blogs not owned and operated by T2 or any of its affiliates, and through direct blog registrations and publication subscriptions owned by T2, as well as syndicated via social media distribution platforms which works to re-distribute T2 hosted or owned property to readers/re-publishers known and not known to T2 at the time of syndication, and which are subject to change without notice and which may be hosted and located within or outside the United States.

Use of Property. Licensors in agreement with T2, and/or who use or visit the Sites are all also under the terms and conditions set forth in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement, give T2 their permission to re-distribute their content under these terms and conditions without financial re-numeration of any kind, and waives any future rights to cause or claim against T2, its current and future assignees, affiliates, principles, stockholders, vendors, obligators, successors, or signatories in perpetuity for financial compensation or claims of damages, direct or indirect, in any form, that may occur as a result of their distribution or re-distribution of Licensor’s Property. Licensor acknowledges that once Property covered under this CLA is posted or hosted, or distributed via means of electronic syndication, T2 cannot possibly know or be held liable or responsible for where such Property might be used or viewed. Licensor may have written agreements signed with T2 that are outside the scope of these terms and conditions, but such written agreements would be held confidentially between T2 and Licensor.

Removal of Property. T2 reserve the right to remove or request the removal of Licensor’s Property at any time from Sites with a five day written registered receipt notice sent to either the address entered within the Sites when Licensor became a member or user, or an email sent to their designated email address entered at time of user subscription or membership. Property will be removed within five days from the post-marked date of receipt, and Licensor agrees that T2 is not responsible for the use of, or tracking or removal of any Property it was originally assigned under this agreement by or to any other entity, unless T2 has expressly entered in agreement with such point of re-distribution and those sources are listed within this agreement. Licensor reserves the right to reciprocate this request of its own IP under the same terms and conditions, but must send a letter requesting removal, itemized, to 1931 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 or an email to

General II. T2 also writes, distributes, promotes, publishes, and sells Property it owns outright. T2 also represents creators of intellectual property under separate publishing and promotion agreements, for which T2 works to develop and promote their property and brands to fans, readers, and buyers, some of which may be housed within the DPs referenced herein. Licensor agrees in using Sites that it holds no rights over any other Property owned by any other. T2 is also a leadership development and consulting company, its primary purpose being to provide people and organizations (public, private, and non-profit) with education and consulting services in the areas of staff and management training and development, team and board training and development, personal mastery training and business development, and personal leadership development. T2 is a California-based, privately held corporation whose offices are located at 1931 H Street, Sacramento, California. Their corporate website is

Property Provisions

Section 1. All Property by Licensor is being shared by T2 as a free service, with no end date or removal date unless specifically removed or requested to be removed by either Licensor or Licensee under the removal clause described herein. Any financial agreements are separate and executed separately from this CLA Property use agreement, and the signing of this CLA does not in any way infer any financial re-numeration or payment by T2 to Licensor, nor is re-numeration of any kind expected or inferred, or promised by or on behalf of either party to this CLA.

Section 2. T2 may write a Feature Profile (Cover or non-cover Feature Profile), and may use and redistribute the images and information provided to T2 by Licensor (Profile Named Below) in any of their DPs (method or channel).

Section 3. Licensor agrees it will read and approve the final Profile prior to distribution or use by T2 publicly under terms and conditions provided for herein. SUCH APPROVAL WILL BE MADE VIA EMAIL IN RESPONSE TO T2 SUBMITTAL VIA ELECTRONIC MEANS OF THE FINAL MOCK PROOF.

Section 3A. If Licensor has provided a written article or pre-published work, Licensor both acknowledges it has the property rights to re-publish the work, that T2 has no obligation to obtain release from any prior publisher, that T2 will re-publish but give credit to it’s original published source location and in the digital form it was received, and that any original work by Licensor (as in article or essay not published or hosted elsewhere) may not be re-published anywhere else without T2’s express written permission, unless it is the writer’s/Licensor’s own blog or website; and finally the writer/Licensor also agrees T2 has the right to edit all originally submitted work by writer/Licensor for publication with their review/approval for length, tone, language, and typos/grammar/spelling/structure and form, and that T2 is not obligated to pay writer/Licensor for such Property unless a separate Writer’s Agreement has been executed.

Section 4.        As T2’s DPs develop and increase in traffic, the costs associated to run the site do as well. As part of our efforts to continue offering the Featured Artist Profile’s or any Property by Licensor as a free service, we now in turn require Licensors to agree to the following:

A.          Provide a link to the issue of “leadingpossibilities” magazine where Licensor’s Property/Image/Profile is featured via your Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)

B.          Add a link to your specific PDF of any pulled out versions of your Featured Artist Profile/Property Pages on your website or blog (including the Magazine Cover jpg provided)

C.          Suggest to your social media friends and fans/customers that they subscribe to the magazine and community for free, but that they have the right to unsubscribe at any time. The address to subscribe and all applicable links for you use will be provided via your executed agreement acknowledgement email.

D.          Agree to moderate/or participate in one webinar or one forum discussion on T2’s DPs to be scheduled within six months of the date of this CLA on the topic of Licensor’s property or a related subject agreed to by both T2 and Licensor. The maximum time committed is 2 hours and will be via an online forum or Skype.

These simple steps help ensure we work together to promote both the Profile/Property and T2, and allow us to keep these DPs free to users/readers and Licensors. Featured Artist Profiles and their Property listed within are shared currently as a free service to users. Furthermore, completing the above steps helps increase the visibility of your Profile/Property to the online search engine rankings, drawing attention to your work and validating it to a broader audience.

As a contributor or “client” of the Sites/publishing division/marketplace programs of T2, you may be subject to additional agreements that require your signature. It is the responsibility of the user/contributor to inquire as to the applicability of such agreements.

T2 is a company with the highest of standards of professional and personal integrity and quality service. Our Sites are a place of learning and exploration, intended to be a positive experience for users and contributors. Every effort is and will be made to operate in a transparent and integral manner, and to provide experiences where people find value and opportunity to learn and to expand their dreams. We make this statement because in the day and age of digital business, ours is a unique business model of social enterprise and we believe very much in being of service and doing well by doing good.