The world is full of ideas about what makes smart, funny, and beautiful – and many standards come from pop-cultured versions of what is valuable about human beings. We aim to change that. Redefining what is smart, funny, beautiful, and real – the naked us, the authentic us, the people we are on the inside, brought outside and shared with each other. These are features about real people doing extraordinary things with their lives.

From others, we learn how to be and how not to be; from others who share themselves authentically and powerfully with the world, we gain insights into ourselves and become more powerful as a result. These are stories about triumph and struggle.

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The Delicious & Innovating Art of Gayle Rappaport Weiland

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Women, Food & Yoga – Strides Toward Mindfulness

November 19th, 2012

LPTrendsBody Women, Food & Yoga Part 5. A series by resident site editor Lori Anderson – her extreme journey documented in body and soul transformation. A fresh installment in our ongoing series in which our editor Lori Anderson works to create a healthier relationship … Continue reading

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Metaphysical Milkshake: Rainn Wilson Mixes It Up With Deepak Chopra

November 19th, 2012
Rainn Wilson's book - SoulPancake - complements his website of the same name.

LPTrendsSpirit. Comedic genius Rainn Wilson is best known for his role on NBC’s The Office but we’re smitten with his spiritual side. A serious practitioner of the Baha’i Faith, and seriously curious about life’s big questions, Wilson and his partners envisioned creating a … Continue reading

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We Want Your Professional Story

November 12th, 2012

  LP Magazine is looking for innovating or different careers to profile. If you’re doing anything at high speed, beyond the edge of the envelope, in ways that innovates, changes the game, inspires, leaves a wake, or is just plain … Continue reading

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Face in a Book

November 6th, 2012

  LPTrendsPeople&Books. Tina Ferguson is an El Dorado Hills mom with daughters getting ready to take flight and determine their own futures, giving Tina a moment to take pause and determine her own as well. Now that her daughters need … Continue reading

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Box of Crayons: On Doing Great Work

November 6th, 2012
michael bungay stanier

  LPTrendsCareer – Box of Crayons – Helping Others Do Great Work. On Michael Bungay Stanier. Author, innovation expert, creativity coach, philanthropist, keynote speaker and yes, Rhodes Scholar, Michael Bungay Stanier knows all about the challenge of doing Great Work in … Continue reading

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Women, Food & Yoga – The Optimization Challenge: Part 3

October 29th, 2012
Lori Anderson - Senior Editorial Director, Senior Contributor, Community Development Director

 LPTrendsBody Women, Food & Yoga Part 3 Part 3 of our ongoing series in which our editor Lori Anderson works to create a healthier relationship with food and her body under the guidance of coach and psychotherapist Dr. Melissa Grabau. We’ll be sharing perspectives … Continue reading

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Why Women Still Can’t Have It All?

October 25th, 2012
Businesswoman with America in her hands

  LPTrendsVillageIdeas. In the spirit of the upcoming election and going against the grain of popular ideas, ponder this truly thought-provoking and obviously emotions-provoking article series on the women’s movement, women and work, and a slightly different take on equality … Continue reading

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