Waking The Hell Up


LPTrendsCommentary. Waking the hell up & risking failure in an age of fuzzy change and uncertain realities. By Tracy Saville.

Waking up = consciously finding the inner you and living it every day. That’t it.

This much is true: the older you get and the less clear your picture of certainty becomes – about having those comforts or pleasures you dreamt of having in your forties or fifties, and beyond – the more fear creeps in, the sharper the edges and corners of your horizon become, and one of two things happens. 

When faced with the idea that you won’t get or become what you wanted or believed you could become: 1) You either fall back to a safe position or search for safe harbor somewhere, often giving in to insecurities and looking for others to take care of you in case the worst happens, and you greatly reduce your expectations until there are none to breech or 2) You double down, remembering that only in the not living, and the not being, and the NOT offering the universe everything you had and have to give will you fail. The rest is sweetener.

We have one job in this current life to do and that is to wake up to what is on the inside of us and bring that out into our lives intentionally. Not hype. Not goo. Not weird science or doctrine dogma – there is absolute truth in this single absolute.

The rest:

-intentionally seeking an authentic life and state of being and exploring knowledge well beyond the edges of what you can see;

-practicing wellness and consciousness and valuing creativity and divergent thinking, and then living into your strengths and collaborating with others to make the world a better a place–

These are the fruits of what naturally happens when you wake up every single day with a single purpose and truth in mind.

  • Your existence is unimaginably brief and small when compared to space and time and matter and energy.
  • You make up what is true or false about everything and that meaning can be changed at will.
  • You have the individual power to change the course of human history and your own life with every action you take and every moment you fail to act.
  • When you harm your body you harm all our bodies.
  • When you do not speak up for others, especially children and the elderly, you deny your own existence and that silence will come back to you tenfold in painful ways.
  • When you stay asleep you lose. Doing what you must instead of wanting to; going nowhere for fear of losing what you haven’t even gotten yet; believing in false cures for happiness and wellness that keep you numb, afraid, and standing in concrete will result in fear, pain, and regret.

What will you compromise on this week that is something you know is right and what dreams will you put in a drawer that are fueled by fear of failure at some other goal or definition of success that has nothing truly to do with your humanity or inner life?

Whatever those compromises and hidden treasures are is where you will find the truth about your life and how to change it. For an exploration of someone who gets this very idea, meet Amanda Gore and Her Joy Project. One human being leaning hard into waking up. You don’t have to become an Amanda or serve others this way to wake up, but it helps to find what other people look like awake and in motion.

If you have a story about this to contribute to the conversation, I’d love to share it. Share it here. 


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Changing The Way You Think

LPTrendsSpirit: Paul Agliata. This may be the most powerful thing you read, today, this week, this month … . An emerging voice in the area of spiritual leadership. Don’t be scared. We need voices that speak in a language that helps us see what we can’t on our own. Meet Paul Agliata.


Waking Up

People all over the world are waking up, becoming more aware of their body, mind and spirit. This is our environment and how we sense our reality. Our perception is based on failure and success, our wonderful feelings and emotions, and our five senses.

We make decisions based on what we have been taught, the repetition of thoughts, concepts, we follow become our core beliefs. Communication is key to our survival; we know how to reason apply logic, we have a magnificent brain. We have experienced moments of pure joy and deep sadness, and sorrow. Pain and pleasure are the two most powerful driving forces, life is full of both and we have a need to learn and grow.

Life is all about growth, gaining wisdom, learning the value of changing the way I think.  For the most part, I am my thoughts, deeper, I am the feelings behind those thoughts and deeper still, and I simply AM”.  It is my hope that you will see the value for you by changing the way you think.

What We Think We Know

We each have experienced growth. We have learned that by exercising, our, mind, body, or spirit, we increase the strength of each. One of life’s miracles is that of a newborn child. How wonderful it is to observe how rapidly they grow and learn how to reason, adapted to various life circumstances. To marvel how they gain in their own sense of who they are, their balance and strength, the way move from crawling to standing, walking, running, to the amazing displays of athleticism on the fields, courts and world stage.

How magical indeed to behold the breathtaking artistic expressions of the body when in sync with one’s mind together with the passion of their spiritual dance.  We have the drive, an endless pursuit of perfection; to go higher, run faster, grow bigger, stronger, and wiser.

Exercising Our New Capacity

When we lift a weight we are exercising that muscle. The more we lift, the stronger the muscle becomes. The same is true for all muscles: our brain, our heart, and our spiritual soul. They too need exercising. The more we read, write, apply logic, reason in deep thought, the more intelligence we grow.

The more we look deeper into our own sense of self, the experience of pain, pleasure, loss, and gain, the more we expand our realization as to who we really are. We learn about and our uniqueness and our connectedness to everything in the universe as all things are made up of the same energy stuff.

Changing the Way You Think

By changing the way I think and feel about me, I change the view of the world; as a man thinketh in all ways.

Wisdom has favored me to appreciate my past and connects the dots of my journey, to see my growth from fear to love, less to more, from a disempowering poor negative attitude to one that attracts wealth, prosperity and abundance in many ways. I live to give in gratitude.

Through wisdom I realize everything has happened to become a blessing.

Our Pasts

Paul Agliata

As I look back upon my life’s journey I realize that is was during those times of pain, loss, shame, humiliation; That I grew the most, where I became stronger in the faith and confidence of self.

All the wounds of my past, the drama I created, the darkness I allowed to separate me from my true light, all these thoughts held me down, and became my fear. I faced my fear and let it go, by surrendering to its hold, by embracing and loving my fear. In this way all my fears turned out to be my best cheers. This is what made me stronger, grow wiser to understand the power of my thoughts and that is when and learned how to change the way I think.      


By changing the way we think and feel about our past we can change how we view the world in our present. Beautiful is found from within and so the world views us as beautiful. When we see the best in others we live the best in ourselves. By changing the way we think, our good gets better.

Surrendering To This Truth

Surrender all desires and fears of the mind. This allows the spirit to become free and to be the magnificence it was meant to be. Follow your Joy and never give up, moving forward in the direction of your heartstrings that pull and tug you to what you love most.

Focus on your WHY and let the Universe show you HOW. Live each day curiously, excited, watching life unfold in perfect divine time and order.

Publisher’s Note: This is a new writer who will contribute regularly to The Possibility place. Paul Agliata is one of those people working in the world, who teaches and guides others in the art and science of what we once thought to be out there, but which is now critical to our ability to survive, thrive, and experience what human beings are capable of experiencing. He is not new age, he is not squishy or gooey, and he is not someone who sees something that is not based in science or academic research. Paul is one of those people who grasps and has mastered himself true consciousness in a way that allows others to follow. He is you, only awake.

He is not selling you anything. It’s just his very real world and every day person way of saying the truth resonates, and so it is one we thought you should hear.

© 2012 Paul Agliata. All Rights Reserved. Published with his permission.


About Paul Agliata ~ teacher, songwriter, musician, poet, Sensei. His work often explores relationships of intimacy, love and romance, sexuality, passion, motivation/inspiration, voices of the mind: feelings of less than, abandonment, unworthiness and the art of allowing. He loves the study of the mind/soul/ nature/universe connection.

Some of his books are The Diamond and The Sword for children of all ages, The Diamond and The Sword, An Adult Love Story. Broke Not Broken, Change the Way You Think, Tender Moments and Lovely Thoughts, Open Sesame, The Color of Love, A Taste of Honey and Vanilla, The Whisper, I Am My Thoughts, Deeper I am My Feeling and Deeper I Simply AM, and a series of short stories, children’s books, as well as books of Inspirational Thoughts and Ideas. For more information:



Unconditional Truth: Reality by a Universal 2×4

Jennifer Hillman

LPTrendsPeople: Jennifer Hillman. My Story. Stories by everyday people sharing extraordinary pieces of themselves.

It was dark in the Silence, filling me with an intense feeling of joy and love… I only heard a soft voice saying, “You are love and loved. Do not forget this!”

Then I was sitting back in my car, looking at a cracked windshield and the smashed hood of the car up-close and personal. I wanted to go back to sleep… “Let me sleep,” I repeated to a stranger who had asked me to talk to her about my dogs. “How did she know I had dogs?”

Inside of my soul, I just wanted to go back to the place of purest love, the Silence. I wanted to be in the arms of Source again. No pain, no sense of the loneliness or confusion I had been living for the last few years. I was truly free and breathing in such a seductive passionate love. I only wanted to be in that Silence again and never return back.

Suddenly my common sense came out as I told this woman “I have a camera in the back seat; please take pictures of the accident. I need the pictures of the accident for the insurance.” I must have repeated three times until I gave up. She didn’t care and wouldn’t let me sleep. She wasn’t going to let me go in this moment where I truly just wanted to go…
It was 10:48pm in the middle of nowhere, Oregon, on the way to I-5 when a Toyota Truck hit my Toyota Highlander head on.

We, two friends and I, on the way to Rosenberg to find a hotel for the night on the way home from a Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge. We were heading back to Sacramento where my friends lived, and then I was back down to Arizona.

We originally wanted to stay at this hotel on the coast, yet they had no vacancies, so we changed route to the I-5. Faster route and more options for hotels.

My two friends had a Margarita at dinner, so I had Mocha and drove. While they slept, I thought of my current situation at home and sunk into depression. In a relationship that I knew wasn’t going to last and with a money situation tight. Business was slowing and things seemed off for me. Intuition seemed off or my interpretation was.

One reason for the road trip was to have fun and get my head together. So far, it wasn’t working.

Now as I was in the ambulance, I joked with the EMT and looked over to see the drunk driver who had hit me head on. He was so out of it. Silently, I forgave him and continued to talk with the EMT, as he attempted to put an IV in -a baby-sized one. I knew it wasn’t going in, though he said he knew he could…He finally gave up, saying “you are going to be fine. Good humor and great smile.”

I laid in the emergency room and got angry. I wasn’t supposed to be here. I had a dream of dying in a car accident two years ago. 18 months earlier, I totaled another car when the brakes failed and the cruise control lock engaged. The cop at that accident said to me, “you must be connected, you ought to be dead.” Yea, I am connected alright.

Now again, I walked away from an exit point and still here… I asked, “Why am I still here?” The voice returned to me with “His love brought you back.”

“Oh God’s love,” I thought to myself.

“Well, yes but no. Another’s love brought you back, wanting you in the physical, not just the spiritual.”

“Oh great. Who is this person?”

“True Love.” Nothing more was said.

I began to ground myself in the reality in the physical. I lost my cell phone into the engine of my Highlighter, so I called using my friend’s mom’s phone. Called my boyfriend and asked him to pick me up at the airport. He did. The ending of our relationship began as he did.
I now understand the nature of life, with beginnings and endings and taking it as it comes.

Not holding on or attempting not to hold on to anything. Say my truth in that moment, regardless of the situation. Saying I love you to each that touches my heart; Showing appreciation to those who inspire me in each moment, even if some don’t get why I do. I understand that I may not have another chance to express it. I live in the now moment, knowing I am love and loved. I feel that love in every moment with a deeper sense of the bizarre ways of life, living on borrow time. I found out that the drunk driver was from Arizona, and his Toyota had changed routes in the middle of his trip. Fated or what?

I got my head together by a 2×4 from the Universe: Smiling.

My friends, well, that’s an article about death without dying. Oh, as for True Love… as a physical man? I am still waiting on him, yet perhaps True Love is simply every person who touches my heart with inspiration. It is unconditional love in its best form.

My name is Jennifer Hillman. And this is my story. I am an Intuitive Life Coach, published Writer/Poet with a deep passion for supporting art and the artist’s vision. With a deep understanding and compassion for truth and bizarre experience, I assist others to find their deep passions in life and make dreams come true.

http://jenniferhillman.com for more information.

http://www.gofundme.com/wvyb8 Paris Artists Gathering Art Unifies

Connect with me at: smilingjenni@gmail.com






the simple solution

Opening yourself up to getting past the fear.

LPTrendsPeople & Mind: The Fear of Life and the Simple Act of Inward Looking That Snuffs It Out. Seeker John Sherman has a way of describing how to get past fear, and I submit it here, according to his copyright use agreement, and give him complete credit for the clarity and knowing. Few have seen this clear path for people to finally find inner peace.

-MIchael Wilson

Michael Wilson


This essay was first published online on March 31, 2011 and as an ebook on September 28, 2011. John Sherman can be found at: http://www.johnsherman.org/. This essay was revised and updated on May 19, 2012. His photo is also found at this site. All of the following is John Sherman’s wisdom.

The Origin of the Fear of Life

The fear of life rises up automatically in us, most likely when we are ejected from the womb at actual physical birth. Without warning, we are abruptly awakened into a wild, raging storm of what we will eventually come to call experience, feeling, sensation, emotion, and so forth. Consciousness of our existence is driven from its deep slumber in the womb into a startling eruption of violent and erratic movement, pain, pressure, noise, glaring light, and all the drama that attends our expulsion into the world. Fear and contraction inevitably ensue.

The Effects of the Fear of Life

As time passes and we see that we have managed to survive that first onslaught of raw experience, the drama and intensity of the fear of life begins to fade into the background. For some of us, most of the time, it recedes into a barely noticeable murmur of anxiety, worry, discontent and distrust of our own lives that hums along incessantly as the background of all experience. It’s the nagging sense that life itself is the problem with being human; that life itself lacks some essential quality needed for our well-being, or includes something very wrong. It’s the sense that life will never quite live up to its promise.

This murmur of anxiety and discontent becomes, for most of us, the fundamental, unexamined assumption that shapes our minds, and forms the actual point of view from which we perceive our lives. Limited by that point of view, and guided by that assumption, we learn to create understandings as to the state of our lives, and to take action based on those understandings.

Because of this, we have come to believe that the solution to the problem of being human can be found only by seeking out and destroying the things in our minds that are wrong and hurtful and threatening, and by seeking out and grasping the things in our minds that feel righteous and safe and satisfying.

We learn to resist automatically: we believe that life is inherently treacherous, and dangerous, and this belief creates a clear and present need to keep a watchful eye out, looking for threat and the means to defeat threat.

We learn to be protective, defensive, guarded and closed in our relationships with one another, lest we be tricked by them, or miss the chance of salvation by them.

We learn to believe the billowing, shifting coloration of the life force that forms the background of our minds to be existential and emotional states that belong to us. We believe those states to be the very nature of our lives, of ourselves really, and we lose hope.

Our Failed Attempts at Dealing with the Fear of Life

We have a long history of failure in seeking satisfaction by employing the strategies of understanding, grasping, destroying, and ignoring. Many have come to believe that it’s the existence of the understandings and reactions themselves that is the problem, and that often leads to practices and pursuits designed to produce mental silence and quiescence. Some have concluded that thought itself is the problem, and should be stopped. And there are even those who recommend the snuffing out of ego, which is the Latin word for “I,” and is nothing more than the name I call myself.

Now, all of these survival techniques and strategies — righteousness, resistance, clinging, indifference, murderous aggression, and so forth — have had good reason to appear and to be adopted by us in our own defense. We are mistaken in doing so, but with good cause. Life can seem profoundly untrustworthy and menacing, even as it beguiles us with false hope and promise.

For most of us, the default, tried, and true response to the dissatisfaction with life is steadfast, silent denial.

Trying to Cure the Disease by Treating Its Symptoms

We’ve been trying forever to fix our lives by reforming our minds; we try to make the mind sweet, loving, and open-hearted rather than closed and mean-spirited; intelligent rather than stupid; sane rather than insane; clear rather than confused. But the mind — its character, its strengths, its weaknesses, its assumptions, its point of view, its volatility, its emotions, its thoughts, its wrongness and its rightness — the mind is not the problem. The mind is nothing really but a cloud of effects, many of which are symptoms of the fear of life. Not seeing this, pretty much everything we have done seeking an end to the underlying discontent that spoils our lives, we have done trying to change the effects of the discontent, which is to say, trying to cure the disease by treating its symptoms.

And of course, nothing works. How could it? There is nothing inherently wrong with seeking relief from the symptoms, but treating the symptoms will not cure this disease.

I do think it’s useful to think of the fear of life as a disease. It’s an affliction that came upon us without warning at our birth. Its presence has nothing whatsoever to do with the nature of our being, the clarity of our consciousness, our righteousness, our willingness, our understandings and beliefs, our worthiness or worthlessness. We had nothing to say about it, and nothing could have been done to prevent its arising. Its effects radiate throughout the life — arising in the past, spoiling the present, and projecting itself into the future.

And despite all our best efforts to eradicate the disease by attacking its symptoms, despite the devotion and commitment of the saints, despite the brilliance and insight that are to be found in the wisdom teachings, despite the rise of capitalism and with it wealth, and education, and time enough to look into these matters for ourselves, we have failed even to do much in the way of alleviating the symptoms beyond the self-denying impulse to become numb to them by a variety of means. Truth is, the vast majority of us live and die in a state of low-level misery and neurotic alienation from our own lives, punctuated by moments of passion and despair, silenced only by death.

It’s not surprising that we’ve failed. We’ve been acting from an unseen and false belief all this time; the belief that human life itself is the problem with human life. It doesn’t take enlightenment to see that there is not much hope of finding a safe home in life when we are swimming in the river of pessimism and despair that flows from that belief.

We Can Do Something About the Fear of Life

There must be something we can do. Clearly, some of us — not many, but some — seem to have found peace and freedom in life. The Buddha comes to mind, for example, and many others can be found in different times and traditions, all of whom seem to have achieved a profound reconciliation and fulfillment in human life. And, although they have been very successful in evoking in us the feel of what they see, they have had little success in providing us with any truly useful advice on what to do that might allow us to see directly for ourselves what they saw.

I want to suggest something to you that you can do for yourself that works. I know that it works because it worked for me, and it worked for Carla, my wife, and it has worked for a growing number of people around the world now; people who have, maybe even despite their better judgment, actually tried to do what I ask.

I do have a theory as to why it works, but my certainty that it works comes from my own experience, rather than from a theoretical understanding, and the why of it is actually entirely beside the point. So here it is, the simple act of inward looking that snuffs out the fear of life.

If you will try, with your whole heart, to bring the beam of your attention into direct contact with the reality of your nature, you will snuff out the fear of life, which is the first cause of all human misery. I call this action looking at yourself. If you will just try to look at yourself with your mind’s eye, the fear disease will disappear, and with it the perception of your life as a problem to be solved, a threat to be destroyed, or the hiding place of some secret treasure that might bring you fulfillment and satisfaction at some future time. It’s that simple.

Step 1: Learn to Move the Beam of Your Attention at Will

To begin, just relax for a moment, and notice the obvious fact that you have the power to move your attention at will.

As you read this, move your attention away from the text for a moment, and direct it instead to the feel of your breathing. Notice the feel of your chest and belly expanding and contracting, and then bring it back here to this page. Do that a couple of times so that you become familiar with what I mean by “moving the beam of your attention at will.” That action of moving attention at will, as you just did, is all that’s needed to accomplish what I am asking you to do. The more you practice this simple act, the more you’ll become familiar with how it feels to do it. And the more familiar you become with the feel of it, the more skillful and direct you will be in the effort to move the beam of attention where it must go.

Step 2:Turn the Beam of Your Attention Inward

Use that skill to actually turn the beam of attention inward, trying to make direct, unmediated contact with the reality of your own nature, by which I mean you, just plain and simple you. You know what you are, and you will surely recognize yourself when you see yourself in this way. It really is that simple. Repeat this as often as it occurs to you to do so.

There is no step three.

A Few Tips About Where to Look

The act of inward looking may be simple, but the actual doing of it can seem anything but easy. But consider this: the feel of you is the only thing that is always here. All else — thought, belief, understanding, things seen and heard and felt, emotions, pain, pleasure — literally all else comes and goes. So, looking for you is looking only for what is always here. Anything that is newly arrived, no matter how wonderful it may be, cannot be you. Likewise, anything that has been here and left, even if it might return, cannot be you.

Furthermore, you are the plain and unmoving field in which all else comes and goes. You have nothing to give to you or take away from you and you are, therefore, profoundly uninteresting to the mind’s eye, which has no purpose other than to keep vigilant, to stay on the lookout for things to grasp, things to reject and destroy, and things that are safe to ignore in a forest of bright, shiny, ever-moving, fantastically fascinating parade of phenomena.

The fear of life is a kind of auto-immune disease. Its only function, insane as it may be, is to keep you safe from your own life, and this mission demands ceaseless attention to incoming phenomena. Because of this, its natural orientation is ever outward. You, on the other hand, are wholly and perfectly inward (more on that below).

Here are a few suggestions that some have found helpful in this endeavor:

Try to bring to mind a memory of a moment in your early childhood. It doesn’t need to be anything important: being in a room with adults, leaving a movie theater, looking out the window, any memory will do, so long as you can evoke a reasonably accurate memory of the feel of it. Now, just for a second, see if you can remember what it felt like to be you then. Not what the event felt like, but what it felt like to be you. You may get just a fleeting whiff of it and, if you do, you will almost certainly recognize that it is exactly the feel of you now;

Notice the fact that you are certain of your own existence, in a way that you are certain of nothing else in the world. Look there, at that certainty, because that certainty itself is just another name for you;

Look for what is always here, what never moves, or changes, or comes, or goes. Everything in the universe moves. Everything moves but you;

Look for the person-ness of you. Nothing in the universe feels like a person but you;

See that there is literally nothing inward but you. Many sensations and experiences are thought to be inward that are not. Emotions, thoughts, visions, dreams, desires, aversions, pains, pleasures, experiences of all kinds that appear in the interior of your mind are outward from you, and when you attend to them, you are looking outward — no matter how inward they may feel. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with looking outward, it might even be said that looking outward is the main occupation in human life.

It’s just that when you are seeking to look at yourself, outward is the one direction in which you cannot be seen. If you can understand this distinction, you might find your way home using outward phenomena to funnel your attention into the right orientation. When attention is turned truly inward, it is looking directly at you, and nothing else.

There are probably more tips like these to be garnered from those who have travelled this road, but they are all, as the saying goes, merely fingers pointing at the moon, and the moon they point to is only you. In the end, you must do this for yourself. It is, after all, you that you seek to touch with the beam of your attention, and no one can possibly know the feel of you but you.

Your Attitude and Expectations Are Irrelevant

Understand that it may be that you never get an actual, recognizable experience to confirm that you have succeeded; as I said, you are not very interesting to the mind’s eye, and the contact with the reality of your nature will be so fleeting — a tenth of a second or less — that you may never know that it happened. But here’s the good news: it doesn’t matter. It seems clear, from the common experience of many by now, that a sincere effort cannot fail, no matter how strong the feeling of failure might be. We are not, after all, trying to do this to find out who we are, or to understand what we are, or to dissolve into our true nature and become what we are, or any other such thing. We do this only to cure the disease of the fear of life with the medicine of inward looking.

This act requires only one thing: the intent to turn attention inward to try to get the direct experience of the reality of our nature. It doesn’t matter whether that intent arises and is met with distaste, or fear, or dismissal. If the intent arises, the looking will occur and, if the looking occurs, the end is certain.

One other interesting aspect of this effort is that neither your attitude nor your expectations seem to have any effect on the end result. The intent to look at yourself can be evoked for any reason at all. Maybe you decide to look at yourself because you want to be happy, or you want to save the world, or you want to be free of pain. Or you may think that you are not 100% committed to the looking and, therefore, you wonder if it will work. None of that matters at all. All that matters are the moments when you look. The looking does the work, regardless of what you think about it, or what you may expect to gain from it.

The act of inward looking is in no way an end in itself; it is only the means to be free of this disease. When its work is done, I predict that you will find yourself so fully engaged in life that you will have trouble remembering what all the fuss was about that brought you to the looking in the first place.

The Course of Recovery is Uncertain But Your Success Is Guaranteed

The course of recovery from the fear-of-life disease is unpredictable. For some, things clear up pretty easily, with little inner torment; for others, the course of recovery can be quite painful and prolonged. My own recovery was quite unpleasant. It took a year or so for me even to notice that the fever of discontent had broken. It was another five years before I began to notice how profoundly different and easy my relationship with life had already become, and more than twelve years before I could speak clearly about what I had found.

So, how long it will take, and how difficult it will seem to you is uncertain. But if you will just look, the end is certain. You will lose the sense that life is out to get you, and the sense that you are trapped here. You will lose the felt need to protect yourself from the thoughts, the emotions, the opinions, the sensations, and all else that comes and goes within you and makes up your actual, ever-changing life. You will come to see that the things that come and go within you are deeply interesting, in a way that you could not have imagined when your view was clouded by fear.

John Sherman

In the end, you will find yourself fully immersed in your life — as you have always been. But now, you will find yourself enthralled and interested, engaged in, enlivened, and fed by the way life actually unfolds. You will see clearly that your life is the fulfillment and satisfaction you have been seeking elsewhere. You will go sane.

Again, find John Sherman at http://www.johnsherman.org/. 

That’s my story. Michael Wilson.

To Here and Now: Why Frost Writes

Christopher Karne Frost, writer

LPTrendsCareer: Chris Frost The Writer. This is the story of our own Chris Frost, resident feature writer and wordsmith. Sharing because that’s what we do.

If you knew the road before you would include an array of scattered beer bottles, hung-over mornings, the mewling of many women’s delight and a kamikaze like nose dive of financial woe, would you take the road? I did, and it was a hell of a ride. In this essay I will share with you some of the moments in my not always so glorious, though mostly enjoyable, life that have brought me to where I am now; as in life, as in today, as in the here and now.

The wild times began in junior high school and ran for years on after graduating, and it all commenced with the separation of my parents. And with me being the middle kid to a younger brother and older sister, the attention on me was less than what was required. So, much as a fox runs free in a hen house if the cage door is left open, so too did I run through my youth. Luckily, I was blessed with a large group of friends, wily smarts, and a friendly nature – all of which contributed to saving my ass more than once.

I have always possessed the uncanny ability to convince others to do my bidding and forgive my transgressions after shaving off their eyebrows or painting them as a giant penis covered poster child for some funhouse movie. I became known as the Chief Master, with “Chiefing” being what we referred to when someone passes out and then were written on, shaved or covered in food or lotions at the Chiefers whim – whatever that may be.

Those who bore witness loved the spectacle, and those who were the target; well they were in for a lengthy clean-up and boisterous ridicule, many for years to come, some even until today.

After high school I attended American River College for a short time, but unfortunately dropped out in short order as my true interests were women and partying, not necessarily in that order, but definitely always together.

I had good people skills and a happy smile, both for which helped me obtain good jobs most of my life, often in management of others – go figure. But my as yet undiscovered interests were beginning to show through – that being writing, creating and reading. My father turned me on to books at a young age and even through all the beer and fun, I still found time to disappear with a good book.

And I recall in high school my friends would always call on me to write the invitation to parties or events as I was sure to add some flare, funny or rhyme that would catch everyone’s eye. And so I did, happily.

The years went by and more and more friends were married off or having kids; the group dwindled away, as fate will have it. We all keep in touch, but the times aren’t the same, and that is a good thing, lest we all end up on America’s Most Wanted. As for me I continued partying for a good while and can to this day tie one on with the best of them and still walk away with both eyebrows and nary a penciled penis drawn upon me.

As we come into my early 30′s significant changes are taking place. I have noticed I have a great deal of debt and the market I am working in is floundering – that being the mortgage business. My 2 year plan for financial freedom is doomed to come up short and does – miserably. I fall to the economic woes of our nation and end up bankrupt and in debt to the government – figure that one out.

After a 2 year struggle trying to climb out of the seemingly bottomless pit I have fallen, a dream comes to me one waking morning. I dream of all things – condoms. Maybe I was dreaming how fortunate my situation that I do not have a child in tow, or something else I am not sure. But upon waking that morning I verily ran to the coffee table where I laid out a
tablet of paper and story boarded my dream which is silly and brilliantly funny to me. I have shared it with a few friends who have laughed aloud, and a couple who just look at me and wonder what that hell is going on behind his eyes.

Yes, I get that a lot. No sooner had I finished the story did a commercial for a local for-profit college appear on the screen for which I awaited eerie music to sound from the background, but it did not. So I signed up and as luck, fortune or just paying attention would have it, ended up finding my love for writing while at school and now working with and for my English teacher from the to be un-named school. And as cliché as the story may sound, this is the truth of my road traveled here today, though leaving out much detail for which some will ask about later, and others will snicker silently to themselves.

One thing you may have noticed never mentioned in the paragraphs here before, was any mention of a goal. This is not by accident, but because I never had one, not beyond the day I was in. With the separation of my parents, the world did hold little of interest to me, and so a young innocent child did lose himself in booze, women and dreams of other places where things are alright, and mom and dad are home to guide you and show you the way.

So what was fun to many, and merry to me, was really nothing more than a shield, a façade, built to protect me from the realities of my world gone upside down. Yet here I am, and life goes on.

This is my story.

Harvard’s Harry Spence – Know Thyself or Big Costs to Biz…

Divergent Thinking

LPTRendsCareer: Re-running a classic from 2011. In this blog at Harvard Business Review, Harry Spence who has built Harvard’s Education Leadership PhD transformational program (among many credentials) and is a leading proponent of the inseparable relationship between the psycho-social world of self-actualization and all things external to management theory and know-how, knows there is something to the costs of NOT knowing yourself in a conscious way. Real costs. Real life. Real Business.

This bit we ran in 2011, but it is apropos to new readers.

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Consciousness = Profit

The Wilson Scripts: Why Try?

Michael Wilson in his metal drumming days.

LPTRendsPurpose – Michael C. S. Wilson, a martial art and consciousness believer and follower, a musician, philosopher, and channeler of wisdom beyond his years, offers these bite-sized morsels of higher altitude consideration. Enjoy your first dip into his path travelling mind.


Why try?

All that has to be said for trying is that it is a step below the full intent of doing. People try too much. They don’t stop to observe nature. They are more concerned with psychological attributes of themselves and others rather than enjoying the unknown world they are currently placed in.

People of this world create harm to themselves because they think they deserve more pain to overcome their inabilities, and this ripples onto others as consequence, and further more innocence is transformed to impatience by the insecurities of others. This causes careless behavior among beings of this earth.

Far too long has the collective human consciousness suffered for its own woes. Pathetic in its ways of cooperation and order… Where did the first absence of harmony occur in human evolution?

This is the first installment of this series. Wilson’s bio and his link to more works coming soon.

Is My Consciousness Evolved?

From Trends in LeadingPossibilities Magazine: Being Conscious: What It Really Means.

What is your definition of being conscious? Have you seen a shift? If you have to ask what being conscious means in the first place odds are you’re not there yet. This article helps unwind the mystery.

Our Evolving Consciousness

Our consciousness has been the same as a species until only recently – run by our 5-sensory selves. This has not changed since recorded history. The new abilities we seem to be finding, a higher altitude kind of understanding about who we are, a desire to self master and truly “get” why we do what we do so we can be more conscious in our actions—these are the new behaviors of a new consciousness entirely. We are, in fact, actually evolving.

3 Stages of Consciousness

There are three stages for any of us in the human evolution chain of consciousness. We live in a time in human experience where consciousness is now outweighing unconsciousness, which is why we recognize this new human awakeness, and understand that it has a great deal to do with the velocity of chaos, side-picking, extremism, and imbalance. The more others change and move away from old consciousness, those left still in the old frameworks react bitterly to what they fear they may lose, to the fact they do not see a replacement for who they still are.

An Oprah favorite, Gary Zukav, author of more than five best-selling books on the subject and one we’re reviewing now, Spiritual Partnerships: The Journey to Authentic Power,” explores the difference between our old consciousness and our new. “Five-sensory humans evolve by surviving. Multi-sensory individuals evolve by growing spiritually,” says Zukav, who suggests that new consciousness shows up in people by their focus on a different set of values than greed and old forms of power that lead to emotional violence between individuals and societal destruction. (prologue, xx, Harper Collins, 2010). (About Zukav: See Below)

The basic operating truths about our states of consciousness are.

  1. You are either an enlightened, conscious person, who communicates and acts from that evolving consciousness, and you are intentional about it; you can’t go back. You are not single sensory operating from your external five senses; you are multi-sensory, and you also recognize this in other people and create relationships built on this shared state of being, or
  2. You are in the process of becoming conscious, and don’t yet recognize what it feels like, so you’re still afraid of what you can’t see, taste, touch, smell, or hear. You still act half the time from serving only the limitations of your five senses and external ideas about what has valuable meaning, or
  3. You my friend, are still a 5-senses guy or girl and you see yourselves as squared away while the rest of the world, who seems to be waking up in ways you don’t understand, are threatening your way of life. You are fighting back to keep what you’ve acquired as meaningful, and yet you’re also keenly aware that what once had meaning in your life – what was once the apex of success – is rapidly losing its value.

If you’re the latter you feel unhinged, afraid, and angry. If you’re the former, you feel no fear about the chaos around you because you know what it is. If you’re in the middle, in transition, you could still (and sometimes do metaphorically and literally speaking) vote for the other guy as a last ditch effort, clinging to the external things you value as important, hoping that other guy will preserve what you have, and the rights and power to get it. Even though your new multi-sensory mind is screaming at you that this is the wrong path.

If you’re that guy or girl, you’re also in pain, because the truth of consciousness wants you to stop all the empty, dysfunctional behaviors that keep getting you into trouble, or nowhere, or from seeing the truth of things. Pain, in these cases, is the wake-up call.

Old Power and Authentic Power

Our minds have evolved to a place where we now accept that multi-sensory, spiritually enlightened consciousness is more valuable than experience-limiting, 5-sensory behaviors. Zukav speaks of the difference between old power and authentic power—power coming from owning, conquering, being better than another in some external way, that has proven to result in destruction and war—to power built from collaboration, spiritually conscious relationships working to global solutions and abundance for all as a value of human experience.

Profit, capitalism, material successes do not go out the window for conscious people, but what they mean, how they’re accumulated and used, and to what ends changes dramatically.

Matrix and Adam & Eve: The Great Metaphors

It is not unlike the metaphor of the Adam and Eve story; for when Eve ate the apple, and tasted of the evil, or that which was not the rule maker’s law, she was punished. The rule maker couldn’t have Eve, or more generally women, fouled with the visions of possibility for good and bad, because that might create circumstances beyond the rule maker’s control. Or consider the film series The Matrix, where there is the struggle between the red and blue pill options of truth, between the tethered dream of reality created by the machines and the untethered, sometimes harsh truth of the world that truly is, the one where humanity decimated its own planet to the point where the machines took over.

5-sensory people use stories such as these like fairy tales or cautionary tales; they think to teach goodness and positive behaviors by dramatizing the consequences of undesirable behaviors. In Adam and Eve’s case, this is a story that implies good intentions, but has negative consequences and perpetuates the idea that to think for one’s self is bad. The Matrix takes a strong stand against “the machine,” the conqueror. But this film illuminates how the conqueror was made by the hands of the conquered, as an external tool to serve external pleasures, and it ended up taking over, a symbolism for greed gone wild.

We do reap what we have sown, and this is a human truth, because our actions do have corollary consequences. But if we believe our actions are just, then we misread the consequences and act in unconscious ways. In both stories we see a depiction of severe punishment for going against the metaphorical rules of law established external to one’s own guiding voice; the external force of God, who supersedes the inner force of a person’s own conscious voice. In Eve’s case we see punishment for not following the outer voice, and in the world of the Matrix, we see punishment for not following the inner voice.

The Universal Truth

Regardless of your belief system, what is universally true is the duality of cause and effect: enlightened conscious people see the inner and outer, as well as the causal chains between perceptions and realities and actions and consequences. Those who remain bound to a material world without an inner sense of power from inside one’s consciousness readily and more easily fail to connect with this idea of spiritually connected causal chains.

A conscious person sees the complexities of these stories and their many interpretations, using their multiple senses to make sense of the meaning, yet they are not influenced by it in unconscious ways. Conscious people hear these narratives and are deepened in their resolve, affirmed even, for what they have come to know.

Those who remain unconscious cannot value what they do not see, while those in the process of change like it a lot; they just don’t know why. Enlightened conscious people spend a lot of time in the daily work of intention and living into their potential. Those who still struggle with what any of it means, or deny it outright spend time in the areas of survival, dominance, old power structures, and more than their fair share of dysfunctional behavior and emotional pain.

Which are you? Where do you fall in the chain?

An important note: Zukav’s books are not about woo-woo spiritualism the way some people define spiritualism – as the less credible idea of religion where enlightened knowledge comes from within and not from God and so is, therefore, suspect by those who do not give credence to spiritualism in its metaphysical sense. Spiritual consciousness is the state of being where a person’s multi-sensory abilities are all operating at full steam, and their actions and communications in the world come from spiritually conscious intent, flowing from spiritually balanced relationships. Zukav is a master teacher, a New York Times bestselling author, and is dedicated to the current transformation of human consciousness. He refers to it as the “revolution of the soul, one that touches the heart of all humanity and is based on spiritual growth, conscious choices, and a deep celebration and reverence for life.”


Jason Silva: Futurist & Epiphany Addict


Jason Silva

Who is Jason Silva? Only one of the smartest and most intuitively conscious minds in the universe – that we know of. That he is brilliantly creative, sexy, and a master of social media and technology for moving big ideas forward makes him accessible and authentically powerful for today’s tech-savy human population. Don’t let his looks, or his youth fool you.

He is changing your world as you read this. For more about him, we encourage you to explore ThisisJasonSilva.com website and watch him do his extraordinary stuff on this video of Jason Silva On Imagination and innovation. You’ll learn more in 3 minutes than you did all of last year.



What We Know and Hate About Consciousness

LeadingPossibilities Magazine’s weekly big idea is about consciousness. Do you have an enlightened consciousness? How would you know? Tell us what you think you know, love, or hate about the subject.

We asked some locals before we syndicated our piece which you can find in Trends this week. Here is what they said.

Rick wrote: 

“… I believe the first step toward consciousness can be painful for some and is why it’s avoided for so long by so many. Waking from the pleasant dream of denial, you have to accept the reality you live in which can be difficult. But the next step, after the shock of it all, is to start fixing your life. Little things at first. Kick a bad habit, start getting out of debt, be honest with a loved one. After your house is in order, only then can you look at your neighbor. Maybe they’re waking up too and are still hurting. Mow their lawn, it’s all you can do. Once they wake up and their eyes adjust to the morning light, together you can start to change the world!”

Michael wrote:

Seems as though some who’re unable to immediately seize upon a corollary for themselves within increasingly fluid contexts of emergent consciousness may experience such growing hyper-awareness as overwhelm and bewilderment. Full of fear and mistrust. Not wonder and curiosity and inspiration. I sometimes wonder if humankind has always experienced newfound clarities in the same ways: as something to recoil from and rail against and also as a spirituality to embrace that invites expressive exploration.”….and about fear he said…

“Love that. Soooo true! Sometimes I’m very fear filled. I don’t deny it. It’s not something I feel serves me by trying to lie it away. It’s very natural, i think. But when we spend so much time bobbing and weaving to dodge risk and stay safe, its difficult to deal with the fear because we’ve spent so much time avoiding looking it in the eye.”           

Renee wrote:

“Fear is the entrapment of our human evolution, girl. We are conditioned to it and we are slaves to it … to some degree. Are we slaves to the human hamster wheel? How would we know if we have never been exposed to opposition of fear? As humans we are always in motion, but are we ‘really’ making progress consciously?”

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