Your Career: Don’t Be A Dinosaur

How do you avoid becoming obsolete in a world that now values divergent thinking (seeing even different questions than the ones asked) and para-cosmic activity (creating and playing new elements in a game you design within an existing system or environment because this fosters creative intelligence)?

The reality of our new world and the skills this world needs to expand asks us all to consider: how do we NOT become relics when what we value as good life and job skills change faster than we changes our underwear?

Whether you’re a student navigating your way to a degree, newly degreed and making your career debut, an experienced professional, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur – you’ve likely performed your due diligence to ensure personal, professional, financial success. You’ve researched the projected top careers of the decade, explored the most promising industries, and sifted through volumes of statistics meant to help steer you toward your perfect career.

You’re probably confident in your ability to make an informed, logical decision based on all the data you have access to, right now, today. Or are you?

Your research shows you that most of today’s jobs didn’t exist just 10 years ago, and you’re asking yourself what this means for your future career relevance. How do you avoid becoming obsolete – a dinosaur? Will following today’s most promising education or career path equip you for the jobs of the future that have yet to be created? What skills and talents will you need to be successful in this ever-changing landscape?

How NOT To Be A Dinosaur

Blogger ‘Balancing Jane’ answers these questions and provides career-propelling thought fuel in Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Chasing The Carrot And Education. Jane suggests that you might want to look beyond statistics and check in with your soul, your heart, your passions. Around here – we like the idea that dreams and passion also fuel your day job. But caution is a must: 1) Don’t just do what you like; do what you love and can’t live without. 2) Do what you know your instincts tell you is what you were born to do; do that which you were gifted to give. Finally 3), master your self – inside as well as outside – your emotional intelligence, creative intelligence, ability to think divergently, and above all live a healthy lifestyle that will allow you to be who you need to be to achieve your mission.

And above all else: remember that change doesn’t mean opportunities shrink. Change means opportunities expand. You may be 50 and wondering how in the world you’ll shift your thinking that the world’s options are scary because you didn’t prepare yourself for what was to come, but in reality what you’ve been given is a new lease on possibilities for a career life you didn’t even see. Maybe you’re 25 and feel ultra confident you have what it takes to be successful in this new era, until something happens where you learn that experience is equal in value to ability.

Hindsight will always be twenty-twenty, and planet killer asteroids may be a metaphor for this crazy new world we find ourselves in, but dinosaurs only became extinct because they kept doing what they’d always done as if nothing had changed.

So don’t be a dinosaur. Be open to what is, prepare for that, and for the possibilities you can’t see. It isn’t scary; it’s a reason not to waste time or your dreams.

Have you re-tooled your skill set for a new career direction recently? How did you do it? Have any helpful resources to share?

Article by Lori Anderson