Trends: Controlling Your Destiny

Photo by Andrew Ashford, T2PS All Rights Reserved

From Tracy’s desk via Chris Matthews lips…don’t take yourself out of the race; let other people do what they’ll do, but never give up before you put yourself out there to win or lose.

As we head into election seasons for primaries, as we look to our inner voices for guidance to try and hear what it is we really want and care about, Chris Matthews from CNBC today (May 14, 2012) gave a parting shot of wisdom from his as always spirited daily newscast on politics. It went beyond party lines so we wanted to share.

He spoke of a young man in Chicago in the early 1990′s, seeking a Senate race in a district that would surely never elect a black man. That young man could have easily listened to the naysayers before he put himself out there for judgment, but he didn’t. If he had, our histories would forever be changed. For right or wrong, agree or disagree; those who jump in, push through, and have the discipline and staying power to decide their own destinies–these are the iconic stories of greatness transcended.

Don’t let anyone choose for you. Choose, act, and be. Now especially, when it matters the most. What will you choose without reservation this week?