Chris Frost (Almost) Finishes in Prime Time

LPTrendsBody: Chris Frost (Almost) Finishes Prime Time. The 3rd Installment of my extreme boxing adventure. by Christopher Karne Frost.

First before you watch the latest video here – check out the before and afters, and read the latest below.

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Yeah baby! Week 8 – that’s right….









8 weeks AFTER!!!







Now to the good stuff…the tale end.

It’s hard to breathe… forcefully pulling the air in through a mouth guard isn’t easy, but you carry on. Spitting out the mouthpiece isn’t an option unless losing teeth is. Spittle flips from your lips as you exhale, the air intake firing up your nose as you drink of it deeply, feeding your lungs. I step left catching a jab, cupping it in my glove as I throw it back with an inner smirk of satisfaction. And just as I think twist left to return my own shot I take a thudding blow from the right just beyond my peripheral vision, the dull sound of a leather wrapped left hook resounds through my head.

“Shit” is all I can think, and just as quickly I get on my toes and bob and weave, throwing my own left and right as I do so, avoiding further damage as I move around my opponent seeking an opening that I may return some airmail their way and right the balance of our sparring session.

It feels like this: The world is in front of you, and it is all about the here and now, the moment; it has never been so poignantly crisp as this. For everything you know, everything you see, is encased in headgear and gloves with a snarling visage coming at you no different as you are at them. Our worlds entwined in the here and now, our existence this moment – and I’ve never felt more alive.

The new me.

Having been an adrenaline junkie for the better part of my life has given me interest in seeking many ways of obtaining “the high” of the moment, with skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking (once doing over 50 mph down a fire road at Jensen Lake, hanging on for dear life with a smile wrapped round my head the whole way), to jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet and diving with the fishes at -100 feet below sea level.

Yeah, done all of these things, and enjoyed each immensely, but none of them compared to my first moment in the ring; throwing punches, dodging and taking shots, and always thinking, always seeking an angle too land my own blows and take the fight to my opposition.

Your world becomes a thing surreal in that there is no one else, just you and your opponent, and they seem a thing unreal, too, a thing bent on your destruction, not really a person.

There are so many comparisons to life and its daily struggles that played out to me in that first morning of sparring when I began this boxing journey it is difficult to replay them now, for it is something you need to experience yourself.

Your mind becomes so singularly focused on only that which is in front of you, for there is nothing else; your eyes locked onto your opponent, and there is no one else; your goal is their dismantling. Simple and straight forward, your fight or flee button is non-existent for there is nowhere to go – and nowhere you would rather be.

This is the second to my last story of my twelve-week journey – and this video – the 3rd and final cut – was shot 8 weeks in with only 4 weeks to go. We have been working more on technique and defense, which certainly can’t hurt, right? I have come full circle with our regiment of training, giving me an entirely new skill set and physique to continue my journey into this life of mine.

I lost another 6 pounds this past 4 weeks, bringing my total weight loss to 16 pounds (23 at the end) – not bad at all.

And with one frustrating realization, which Angelo made abundantly clear to me, in my night -time snack consumption. It was the “fruit” I told him. Angelo looked at me and just shook his head and I knew “shit.” Had I blown it?

You see I was knocking back the watermelon and cantaloupe as my evening snacks for nearly 3 weeks, not realizing the sugar count was completely counter-productive to my goals. I was still living in the mindset that fruits are good, eat all you want, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. But due to hard work and consistently making it to the gym, the damage was minimalized and thus weight came off.

Angelo and Cary, my guides at Prime Time Boxing, have been an endless source of motivation and resources (both dietary and boxing for the ring), and I have no doubt that had I set out on this journey on my own without their guidance and advice, I would never have met the successes I have thus far. Thank you so much Cary and Angelo, your knowledge, willingness to listen, share and offer advice have been priceless.

Chris Frost – product of great training and expert guidance at Prime Time Boxing!

Tyler, another priceless guide, worked our sparring session that morning, and with many a word of advice he too helped me keep my head on its shoulders where it belonged. And getting the opportunity to spar with Yoshi and Justin is something I will always remember and be ever thankful for the experience.

Just as we have preached so much about getting up and doing it, in this place of possibility, getting up and living, in this life we call our own, the many great memories and new experiences I have lived through Prime Time Boxing, Inc. have been both a rush, and a joy, creating lifelong memories for me and new behaviors of success.

Thanks Prime Time for the all-natural-high. I have 4 weeks to go with you and plan to make it count. I am nearly finished, at this leg of the journey anyway!

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