Change Your Story: Change Your Life…

What if a few new strategies for thinking, and a plan were all that stood between me, or you, and something we dared not imagine? What if there were no more what ifs, only infinite possibilities? You’d want that for yourself and your family, right?

As any of us look across the communities we live in, or the lands that we own and have lost, it is easy to see how volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous our reality has become. How brittle our hope for a better future feels, met equally by the squishy nature of everything else, in that nothing, it seems, can be counted on to remain the same.

Much of what we could once looked forward to has utterly changed. Loss, anger, resentment, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, and disbelief have somehow become the mainstays of our new human experience. That, I fear, is a very bad thing indeed.

There are thousands of self-help books to tell you how to become a great leader, how to live in the now, how to communicate and tell stories to win at life and business; how to sell better, love better, feel better, be better. And many are excellent and true. But when it comes right down to it, there really are only a handful of human behaviors, abilities, skills, and operational weaponry any of us have or can develop that goes into achieving better or great in any area of our life.

The formulas—or guides for high performance, excellence, and success have a great deal to do with a few simple concepts, remembering that concepts are only that—frameworks upon which we build our lives. And like the light and dark energy of the universes, there are good things about concepts and bad things about concepts. Any new widget or idea means nothing if you don’t put it into use.

Opinions, ideas, and perspectives are like noses. Every human has one, unless it has been obliterated by either genetics, by an accident, or a benign act of a single person we didn’t see coming. What makes us unique is our capacity for seeing things a million different ways, and to change how we see things in order to change our futures. What makes us great is even if we were born without a nose for our own self, we can develop that sense of smell. We all have our stories from the past, and we can choose that they be fuel for positive change or ammunition for destruction.

Today I thought I should remind the human race: change your story and change your life. What if?