Kathryn Mattingly’s Latest Short Fiction

by Kathryn Mattingly

As part of offering quality short fiction that moves readers, we present The Stein Collection, which received a first place award in the Carpe Diem Publishers annual short story contest. It was also recognized for excellence and published by Tyrannosaurus Press.

About the character: Kell is perhaps not what we would define as an entrepreneur so much as an opportunist. Nonetheless she laboriously sweats over finely crafted steins, which, not by coincidence have much to do with the drinking and dancing establishment she owns and operates. The author would share that there really is a Kell’s Restaurant and Pub with live music near the waterfront in Portland, OR. A lot of history surrounds the old brick establishment that sees gray rainy days more than sunny ones and still serves cold beer with tall tales on stormy nights. Read the full story here.


Sam stood in the rain listening to live band music and the clinking of glassware from Kell’s bar. Through the heavy paned window, she glimpsed elbow-to-elbow people on metal stools at a highly polished counter. Shelves jammed with bottles of liquor in every shape and size hung on the wall be- hind the bar. It was a cozy picture of a patron-filled pub on a Saturday night.