LP Mag – What was, is, soon: May 7, 2012

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May 3rd: Conscious Business, by Lori Anderson. A conversation with expert organizational consultant and conscious profit pioneer Jackie Barretta. How A Conscious Enterprise Was Born, by Brad Swift. Founder of the Life on Purpose Institute gives us his start-up story.

Next Week - Green Electrons Without Borders, by Tracy Saville. We begin our series on green energy – why we need more and may not get it. Review & Poet James Benton: Kathryn Mattingly. Plus we start our investigative series on the state of education in growing emotionally intelligent children and more!

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Plus we did… ...Family Values, by Lori Anderson. A perspective on respecting and supporting the values of another. Zanzibar, by Susan Bainbridge. Our first step into the Eastern Hemisphere, exploring what connects us across lands and experiencing exotic places of wonder and beauty. The Stein Collection, by Kathryn Mattingly. A ghost story, a love story, a story of discovery. Short fiction you don’t want to miss.
Oh and then there was…

Guided Wisdom

Mike Wilson, Meditator, Writer, Student of Intention, Photo by NIcholas Wray

From Lori’s desk … Over the years, I’ve become a firm believer in meditation and its myriad benefits. I’ve even contemplated (about a gazillion times a week) taking on the habit. And you? Have you been able to do that “still” thing?

While I know much about meditation, and I suggest it to friends who are in a state of far-from-bliss, and I even have the most beautiful, hip, cool meditation bench on the planet – I still can’t get into the habit of being still, quieting my mind, and letting my thoughts come and go as I gently strive for bliss. Who knew even a second of peacefulness would be so hard. (The photo to the left is not me – but a son of my friend who has definitely gotten into the habit).

Of course this hobby of knowing oh-too-much, yet doing oh-too-little with all this brilliance applies to oh-too-many-things in my life. I know the number of calories and fat grams in every food at Trader Joe’s – and how to stick to a diet – yet I still pine for their salt ‘n vinegar potato chips or their blue cheese pecan dip. I know exactly how much money is allocated in my budget to spend, yet I can’t resist “just this once” purchases. And so on…

Whatever the cause, lack of focus, insufficient willpower, or a weird form of cluelessness – thankfully there are tools to shorten the distance between knowing and practicing. This month, I’ve rediscovered guided meditation – the ultimate tool for people like me with a hungry, tired spirit and waning attention span. The gentle music, soft and lilting voice sharing beautiful words, wisdom, insight and affirmation spark my spirit in ways that I’m not yet experienced enough to do for myself. Whichever theme I choose – restful, rejuvenating sleep, living serenity, exploring creativity, or enhancing concentration, guided meditations often take my soul on adventures far beyond those possible in my own imagination, and as a result I am calmer, more focused, aware of the abundance in my life and all the tiny miracles.

Guided meditations can be easily found, as free (or very inexpensive) podcasts for your iPod or iPhone, or you can purchase them wherever you buy music. I really enjoy Gael Chiarella and Meditation Oasis. And remember, you don’t always have to sit still to listen to these meditations. I often listen to them during my morning walk or while doing my morning routine – it’s a great way to start the day on a higher vibration!

Have you tried guided meditation? What works best for you? Do you have a favorite resource for guided meditation? We’d love to hear what you’ve learned.

article by Lori Anderson

Guided Meditation: A comprehensive website on the subject for more information.