Talking To The Big Kahuna

Read Mark Stelzner’s article “How to Talk to A CEO”

The BIg Kahuna


Big idea for January 11, 2012: Grandma may have told you to imagine an audience in their underpants whenever fear got the better of you before you opened up your mouth, to equalize or balance you and your target to help you feel more confident when speaking to those that scare you. But Grandma was forgetting that sometimes you need to talk to people in charge and they may be wearing the same underpants as you, they may even put their pants on the same as you; but they’re the CEO and you’re not, and their pants are tailor-made in Italy and carry them to the power board room where your power future is waiting. So how to talk to the person in charge is important stuff.

Mark Stelzner, veteran leader developer and brilliant when it comes to communication advice, offers rare, effective insight into talking to CEOs, but his advice works for anyone who may be in charge. Read Mark’s compelling piece here.