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Our site Chief Lori Anderson, or as we like to her call her – Lucky Lori – writes a very engaging blog called “oh-so-sweet-serendipity”, which we are very proud to share with you.

Lori’s latest missive introduced the great voice of Karen Salmansohn, who can be found at her own site and whom we have come to respect and love for her direct, irreverent, smart way of helping people get on with the business of kicking their self-loathing to the curb in a way that doesn’t at all feel like work. Read Lori’s serendipitous riff about Karen here.

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Marc Maron: WTF?

Marc Maron

LPTrendsPods: WTF’s Marc. Okay, it’s easy to imagine what you might find when trying on this podcast for size. But Marc Maron, who says things like, “If you’re a talented person and you’re not successful there is probably something inside you that is stopping you from being successful, and sadly, it might be your talent,” is really just an honest guy, standing in the corner, saying what everyone else wants to say, but is afraid they might get their collective backsides handed to them by some guy named Pierre who looks like he just graduated from the WWWF.

From the sound of things, Marc Maron couldn’t care less.

Marc Maron …again.

He’s a stand-up comic who, in part, developed his chops by listening to Pryor, Cheech and Chong, and early SNL. He listened to George Carlin and watched Woody Allen films, which to us is an interesting combination that should fulfill Maron’s promise as a bringer of the truth. He is so damn funny. But judge that for yourself by tuning in at:

More pics (where we found those we used here) and video of Marc at