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  • April 28th – The Entrepreneurial Issue – Spring
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▪   art/music & BOOKS & FILM

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▪   health and fitness & NUTRITION

▪   IRREVERENT & AUTHENTIC PEOPLE – demonstrates a higher consciousness-driven high performance quality or characteristic in motion

▪   EXTREME EXPERIENCES & PLACES – that change lives & places to visit or experience that are must do’s

▪  TECHNOLOGY - all kinds but that which enables communication or quality/efficiency/sustainability of quality human interactions

▪   Human STORIES – of positive transformation or consciousness in education, politics, social entrepreneurialism, family, lifestyle, relationships, how money is used, third world countries

▪   CREATORS & INDEPENDENT CONTENT- emerging artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, ways of living, filmmakers, designers of any kind, innovators of some aspect of the human experience, creators or creative thinkers/problem solvers

▪   THOUGHT LEADERS – in philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, academic research, science, the arts, journalism

▪  INVESTIGATIONS INTOinside of systems/governments/sectors of society-culture or commerce/or ways of being that need to be transformed and why/have been or are transforming and how

 CONSCIOUS PROFITABILITY – socially responsible ways business is changing the world for the better

▪   TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONnew research in the areas of human behavior and thinking


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How To Become A Sane Girl

Tracy Saville, Founder, Publisher, & Editor-In-Chief

Ah, the story of us. Here a next installment of My Story – a new feature at The Possibility Place. It is personal, so reader beware. But if you’re not willing to lay down your own er, the word I’m looking for is, soul/ass/reputation/skin/future on the grill, how can you expect others to follow?

Thank you for your stories and your voice. They’ll stream weekly here and soon in our new mobile app.


My story is short, but sweet. I’ve had an extraordinary, painful, joyful life, and my story is just now truly unfolding. I once wrote a fictional essay (that is very much fiction but borrows greatly from the angst and emotion of what actually did happen in my life – remember I am a great weaver of tales). It involved waking up, finding the capacity to be the right kind of insane, and living into all that potential I was given. This is not an easy road. But you knew that. I have had many people to learn from who shared themselves with me over the years, their truth and pain, their regrets and insights. I have done my level best to absorb them all.

Here are two links below, the first you’ll find a great feature from a local site in my hometown that did a lovely profile on me as an artist writer in 2011, which I still kind of love. The second is my fictional award-winning story about becoming a sane girl. Again, the facts are not mine. Even if you ask; I’ll never tell.

I am me. I have not always been, but I am happy to have arrived. Even more so to have survived.

Tracy Saville
Founder of The Possibility Place

Thank you again for your stories and your voice. They’ll stream weekly here and soon in our new mobile app.

My Bio According to Sac365, whom I love:

How To Become A Sane Girl: My Story In Fiction

This picture below is my brother and me. I include it because he makes me smile really hard. And that is the essence of a moment I love.

Tracy Saville & Mike Willert, Bubba and Sissy, Brother & Sister Forever








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