Possibility Publishing Announces New Multi-Media Division

May 22, 2012

Sacramento, California

Northern California-based Possibility Publishing and Entertainment (a division of T2PS, Inc., a leadership development and publishing company) announces officially today its foray into full service media licensing, development and production, and publishing and distribution of creative content: from e and print books, to music, art, web content, and works that can live in a rich multi-media world of consumers looking for high quality, independent, creative entertainment, education, and editorial content.

They’ve built an online world where they publish new, original, and aggregated educational, entertainment, and editorial content – article series, personal and organizational profiles, how to’s, music, art, photography, film, web and podcasts, and investigative content built around all the elements of the human race – mind, body, purpose, family, and career – with lifestyle, adventure, global affairs, politics, fitness, fashion, and design.

Founder and CEO Tracy Saville offers their publishing mission below from the new corporate pages at www.t2ps.com/publishing also describing their publishing realm and how to engage or work with them:

“As a new, innovating media company with a leading vision to help people become the best possible version of themselves, we have adopted technology as our enabler for dreams and human progress, sharing the original content, artistry and stories you create to fuel human change and global healing. We are a collection of individuals, bonded by a vision to combine our most valuable assets through technology, creative content, and powerful stories – to expand your mind and world, to discover new markets for quality independent artisanship for you – and to change the world while we’re at it.

We promise to work every day from an authentic, candid and bold place of mind that gets to the simple truths of our lives. We promise to strive to find, create, and deliver what inspires, excites, and entertains you free or affordably in your pursuit of happiness, higher learning, and achievement. We promise that it will taste good, look stunning, and be engaging, and above all – come to you where you live in the virtual and real world.

Thank you for reading, subscribing, viewing, sharing, and engaging, and for your patronage when and if you honor us by spending your hard-earned currency on our content you come to find valuable.”

Find their community site The Possibility Place and magazine – Leading Possibilities at www.possibilityplace.net. For more information, email them at admin@t2ps.com, or call directly at 916-717-3250.