Stage 4: A Real Pain In The Neck

Peter Hamblin Oakes

LPTrendsPeople: Pete Hamblin Oakes. Filmmaker, entrepreneur, producer who is about to change the world, and a man who was just diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma in his neck and head. I spoke to him today as he underwent his first round of chemo treatment and he only talked about how this has cleared the mechanism for what’s critically important. I’m on my way to see him at the hospital to talk about how we can help him achieve his dreams.

There is a facebook page (Stage IV: A Real Pain In The Neck), named after the documentary he is going to film and started filming with his first diagnosis visit and every day since, to help raise funds for Pete and his family, who like any creative producer/director and entrepreneur who doesn’t have health insurance, the road is going to be brutal. I gave. Please do the same.

Here is some basic information aout this type of rare cancer that is becoming increasingly less rare in young and middle-aged adults. Cancer Info.

There is also this story from his page, which is like any other story…your’s or mine. The hard right turns we share. How we navigate them is also a shared path.

We’ll follow Pete’s story. God bless, and God speed.

Peter Hamblin Oakes

As a fourth-generation resident of the town of Loomis, Peter lives on family property established by his great grandparents nearly 100 years ago. Peter decided to forgo offers requiring him to move to LA or New York, and instead has maintained his 32-year video, television and movie career in Northern California so he could raise his family in Loomis.Peter started working with media in 1975 as a freshman at Del Oro High School in Loomis. Throughout his career, Peter has worked with nearly every format of film, video and computer related media, and has produced over 3000 television commercials, infomercials, industrial videos and 15 full-length movies including producing and directing “The Bill Collector,” an independent feature-length film that premiered in May 2010.

Over the course of three decades, Peter has started eight businesses including HVS, Inc., a national wholesale film-to-tape transfer business; Spwipes Corporation, a consumer product company with trademarks in 14 countries; and his current business Pacific Crest Media that he began in 1988 that produces and distributes all forms of media including independent feature films. Pacific Crest Media was an early YouTube Partner with the distribution of “The Bill Collector” on YouTube Rentals in 2010.

Working as a business and media consultant, Peter strives to teach other businesses how to market and promote themselves through all forms of media such as social networking and public relations. With a strong background in branding and business structure, Peter has helped many businesses, products and services gain market share. In an attempt to help the local market through the recent recession, Peter founded the CCD Expo and ICCDA as a way to promote Northern California’s producers, talent and businesses to the rest of the country and the world.

In July 2012 he got diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma in his throat, also known as Head and Neck Cancer. And again his first thought was how to help others. From the fist day he started filming and documenting his adventure to show other people facing a challenge like this that there is a way to get through this and there are people willing to help!