Hell-o, Self?

From Chris’s desk…Just don’t do anything so stupid as to ignite the fires of Hell. Because what if they’re real? I get that. The world turns and societies collide, with religions striving for the coveted role of being they who pays homage THE ONE TRUE God, day in and day out without answer, without end…. and the world turns, and societies collide. What then?

The daily struggles of right v. wrong, innocent v. guilty, winner and loser play out, and he who has the most toys wins, and he who goes hungry remains so, and the world turns and societies collide.

But what would we do if the money which makes the world turn was no more, and societies no longer cared to collide? If one people, one religion obtained irrefutable proof THEY are indeed the RIGHTEOUS and THEIR GOD is THE GOD? Would the world continue to turn and societies collide? More than ever I think.

And if you agree, then what is the point of it all? Is it all about play, play, play? Who cares if you believe in God, Buddha or Zeus for that matter, the world will continue to turn and societies collide, so get it while you can and have fun while you’re at it. Is this really all there is?

For if in your infinite wisdom you believe in nothing more than the here and now, then I say play hard my friend and play to win – why not? If retribution does not exist at the end of the road then what have you to be worried about? However, if you’re wrong….well stuff’s gonna get real Hot and you’re gonna burn for a long time. I hope you like pitchforks, heavy stones, molten lave and bearded devils for you’re in for one Hell of a ride.

Herein is the real question – What do you believe? Where is your Faith? Who do you answer to? Do you answer to anyone? I believe for you and me, we at least have to answer to ourselves, if not a higher power, and especially when staring in the mirror. And though the saying may be “to thine own self be true” don’t forget that if it means stepping over or directly on to the neck of another to obtain this self-truism, then you too will have a hot spot reserved below.

So tread carefully my friends. Do unto others and all of that.

Article by Chris Frost, as part of exploring enlightenment series.

self-expression: a valuable business asset?

by Lori Anderson

With lightning-bright sparks of creative brilliance, Tara Gentile’s business advice touches a chord in my spirit time and time again. In a recent issue of Leading Possibilities, I profiled Tara and her unique, soul-centered approach to guiding creative entrepreneurs toward success. This week she shares the importance of self-expression in business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a well-known enterprise, authenticity is the new business imperative.

As our society evolves, consumers are choosing to support businesses of conscience. Tara shares “There is opportunity for commerce in the very roots of our creative spirits.” As a creative entrepreneur, this shift resonates profoundly, reminding me that my work can be valued, and yes – even profitable, in new ways I have yet to imagine. “Being extraordinary means discovering self-expression in everything you do,” Tara says.

If you’re a like-minded spirit who is exploring the new world of soul-centered profitability, read Tara’s latest article and share your thoughts. How has your career path been affected by recent shifts in your consciousness?

What insights can you share?