Olympic-Sized Babies & Mistakes

“Isn’t that baby kind of creepy? Meredith, don’t you think it’s creepy?” Matt Lauer to Meredith Vieira at OPening Ceremonies in front of the world.

LPTrendsLife: Spontaneous or planned? Do we run headfirst into a brick wall doing our metaphorical equivalent of 190, not wearing a seat belt or the good sense God gave us, or do we walk carefully, plotting every step? Can we let go and be in the right now, but still play in life with wild abandon responsible? Is there such a thing as playing it too safe?

In landing on this week’s pondering trend question – to plan or not, given the Olympics where the world both dissed and regaled the opening ceremonies (that baby was kind of creepy), and the news headlines of Romney’s unfortunate tour abroad became the jokes of the week on late night (how many different kinds of poo can one person step into?), I re-ran across a small submission from a woman who took a trip to Seattle awhile back, with grand plans and intentions that were dashed because of other people’s stupidity. They promised, she went, they bailed, she was alone; she ended up having the time of her life and not finding trouble of the not so good variety. She has become a spontaneous girl who plans to control her own environment.

The trick was she planned for disappointment, which sounds sad, but really that’s just planning to make sure your own time is never wasted or threatened. She knew, as we must come to know, that people are sometimes morons. Yup, I said it. People disappoint us, and their human trickery runs the gambit from unconsciously mean to consciously manipulative, and sometimes they just don’t act the way a person should in respect toward another.

The reasons are unimportant; what you do to shield yourself against them, yet still allow yourself to be in your life fully without the feeling like you have a body condom on 24/7 is. Prudence meet Self Respect. Self Respect meet absolute authority over your own life.

Seattle girl had the smarts to survive the stupid landscape she found herself in. She was resourceful and didn’t hedge her bets against somebody else. Be prepared. Find your inner Scout (only make sure you also have a back-up hotel and cash to get home).

Do float a humongous baby in the middle of fifty thousand volunteer performers and 2 billion people watching. Go out there and get it done. But also be prepared for Matt Lauer of NBC to call your baby creepy and to be derided for assuming that you should measure up to the Chinese in scope and purpose. That baby rocked. And who in the world actually expected the Brits to be like China? That’s just silly.

Creepy is as creepy does. If you can’t stand the creep, stay out of the Olympics.

Article by Tracy Saville

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