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Possibility Publishing Launches User Generated “Submit My Story” Portal

JULY 9, 2012, 6:00 AM. Northern California-based Possibility Publishing and Entertainment (a division of T2PS, Inc., a leadership development and publishing company) announces officially today the launch of a new “human story” portal at their current web-based content site The Possibility Place (

The SUBMIT MY STORY portal project is part of the new Human Network Channel (TM) the company intends to stream in its new free mobile app expected to beta this fall of 2012. The new mobile app is a key part of their new creative content network, The LeadingPossibility Network, or LPNet and LPCreative, all terms and rights reserved.

Users can subscribe for free, submit their personal journey stories and tales of significant impact, or just share a bit of advice that might help another person somewhere around the globe. There is no cost to receive the content for personal and professional development, news, ideas, or entertainment, and CEO Tracy Saville suggests this is the tip of the human iceberg for an innovative idea whose time has come:

“We expect to be the only mobile content app in the world that streams exclusively the best news, ideas, art, stories, design, and entertainment content created and originated by independent creators and individual human beings. We plan to give voice and market to the independent creators and voices everywhere. The My Story feature is an important part of how we intend on connecting human beings through their stories and creative and innovative abilities and talents.”

Possibility Publishing began by publishing LeadingPossibilities Magazine quarterly, an online, unique magazine of people, places, and ideas to inspire and help others live their most powerful life. The Possibility Place, their web-based blog site, is the current front door for what will be unveiled as new features beginning with Submit My Story this July and ending this fall with the beta launch of their new mobile app rolls out.

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