Mike Posner taught me how to love hip hop…

Tracy Saville w/Mike Posner at his Urban Hive adventure in Sacramento Feb 2012

From Tracy’s desk..

As a metal fan with a classical spine who secretly wishes she could have been Frank Sinatra’s mistress, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Mike Posner, born in 1988 in Southfield, Missouri, a rap/hip-hop and R&B recording artist I had never heard of because my lexicon of music begins and ends with Metallica and Foo Fighters.

I found him three steps past up and coming as he releases what sounds to be a next generation album that will be a hit. I should know because I was able to hear some inside tracks from that album, more melody and soul than hip or hop, or even hardcore rap, which Posner is capable of and has proven.

I mention him this week and share his being in the world because in him I saw a young human being who lives every day into his potential and appears to be moving in the artist’s direction, in a direction where the art and quality of what he does is foremost in his mind. He did make every girl in the room who attended this event at the Hive (by Hot 103.5) wiggle in their seats with glee and expectation, which will serve him well. But Mike Posner is more than just a pretty face and top-selling presence and voice on the charts. Mike Posner seems like a human being to watch.

We will. Who are you listening to now that you admire?