Family Glue

#LPTrendsFamily: Kathryn Mattingly does it not just again with Family Glue, but with stunning humor, insight, and candor. LPMag is so lucky to have this extraordinary voice…

Family is the glue that holds us together. This is good to remember in-between bouts of breakage. Somehow, when feeling invincible, unstoppable and downright successful we tend to take family for granted. We might even find them somewhat annoying – like a bottle of spilled glue running all over our neat tidy lives leaving a trail of stickiness.

Who wants a reminder that we are indeed vulnerable and imperfect, rather than this strong solid vessel of perfection we purposefully present to the world? However, when our world falls apart, only family is there – super glue in hand – to fill those crevices of doubt with renewed confidence in ourselves.

It’s an unfortunate reality that our relationship with family, like glue, can occasionally become quite messy. Sticky situations arise. When we choose to unstick a family member through divorce for instance, it generally makes for an ugly rip or traumatic break of some sort for everyone – causing families to seldom look seamless and smooth. Rough spots and cracks, however, are a reminder that nothing’s perfect.

Without the glue of family, our chances of surviving brokenness are greatly reduced. Family bonding is key to our survival on many levels. Like super glue, a super family is permanently bonded if you’re lucky. It depends on how carefully you apply the bonding process and how patient you are about letting it setup and take effect.

         How do you do that you ask?

Well, it takes a lot of unconditional love. Strong families are all about forgiveness. Caring for one another and not being self-absorbed, or self-righteous… or self anything is also key to family bonding. Strong, successful families will tell you the truth with love, sometimes whether you want to hear it or not – but they will also forgive and even help you rebuild whatever it is you’ve broken. And we all break things in our lives – causing consequences to come crashing down on us.

A well-bonded family is there to pick up the shards of glass and take your hand, walking you through the shattered mess, helping you bleed as little as possible. Scars would be much deeper and more noticeable without family glue to reform, reshape or reestablish us.

The best part is that while helping you pick up the pieces of your life they are not stating the obvious. Rather than tell you there are so many tiny fragments it is not possible to glue them all back together – they convince you that you can become whole again. Assuring you the world can once more be your oyster and they will help you find the pearl.

Of course, those fortunate enough to have a family like this do realize eventually that the pearl is the family itself, and thank God they are always there when you need them to bedazzle your sorry, world-weary eyes.

So, try never to run out of family or glue… because when you need it, you NEED it, and nothing else will do!  A good support system is everything it’s cracked up to be – and then some.

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