Vaginas Are Here To Stay: The Emotionally Intelligent Choice

LPTrendsPurpose: Publisher Tracy Saville may get into some soup for this one, but sometimes you have to calls ‘em like you sees ‘em. “Vaginas are here to stay,” said Tony award-winning playwright Eve Ensler, as if she’d been waiting all her life to utter those words on national cable news. Say what you will about politics, partisanship, and vaginas, but something in the atmospheric quality of intelligent debate just got ratcheted up a bit on Lawrence O’Donnell of CNBC (June 18, 2012).

The vagina just became a symbol for everything that is wrong in American politics, and it begs the question: are we shifting our behavior toward higher ground or will those who acted to ban Democratic Representative Lisa Brown in Lansing, Michigan today from her job on the Floor House because she used the word vagina in a statement about her sentiments about an abortion bill (Brown suggested that if they can legislate vaginas, she ought to be able to use the word) get away with behavior that is way past partisan and dips well into moronic and embarrassing as a member of the fellow human race?

We can do better than this. Good for you Lisa Brown, for standing up for intelligent debate and the rights of women in the process. Good for you Eve Ensler for having the good, brilliant sense to break down barriers in our culture around the stories we need to tell about our inner selves that are critical to understanding and healing for all. Boo to you Jase Bolger, 71st Speaker of the Michigan State House of Representatives (, and not for your politics, but for your lack of emotional intelligence. Seriously. You are an adult human being with one of the most important jobs in the country and therefore the world. Grow up. Take an emotional behavior course. And for God’s sake, get over yourself.

What do you think – not about the politics – but about what this entire episode says about how far we’ve come or how far away we remain in moving past our unconscious limitations of ego, prejudice, and fear?

We want to know!

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For more about vaginas, please call your doctor, mother, grandmother, or consult Wikipedia. Do not, and we repeat, do not ask your Republican Majority Leader, unless they have one.