The Launching Power of Local

The Art of Chloe Brittain, multi-mediums, All Rights Reserved.

LPTrendsCreative: Launch (Vimeo Vid for FYI) /Creatively What’s Possible For Any City. Sharing this with our global reading base because Launch Sacramento has become a festival and celebration of art, design, and creative innovation that rivals any major urban city anywhere. And everything that matters or is relevant begins with local brains, hands, heart, and heft.

This is our way of sharing a glimpse of local heat that has the flavor of international fire: Sacramento isn’t about cows or tomatoes anymore. We still have ‘em, but there’s something else going on here, too, that attracts some of the most innovative and talented artistic and creative minds working today.

And they didn’t pay us to say that.


Founded in 2009, LAUNCH is an annual celebration of music, art, fashion, design and architecture that will take place from July 23-28 at multiple venues through midtown and downtown Sacramento.

LAUNCH is a product of Sacramento’s burgeoning creative community and curated by some of the brightest artists in and around Sacramento to showcase their peers and introduce the audience to a new generation of local, regional and international talent across multiple artistic fronts.

Our vision is to create a citywide event that provides a platform to elevate and inspire our region’s creative talent. Join us for a six-day celebration that Sacramento will never forget!